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New! Improve Team Code Quality in Unity and .NET Projects With Qodana

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Calling all .NET and Unity developers! JetBrains Qodana, the code quality platform for teams, can help you create games that users love and code that your team can be proud of. You can also use all the custom Unity-specific inspections that come with Rider as part of continuous integration!

By incorporating JetBrains-powered static code analysis into your CI system, you have fail-safes to help enforce quality standards throughout your team’s code.

With the newly released version of Qodana for .NET linter, you can now run these analyses in a native environment within your build pipeline (on the same machine you use to build your application). Then, continue using the Qodana IDE plugin with Rider (and other IntelliJ-based IDEs).

This is particularly important for developer teams:

  1. Working with .NET Framework projects, since it’s currently only possible to analyze these projects on Windows agents (whereas Qodana containers are LINUX-based).
  2. Working on Unity projects, as you can now run Qodana on the same machine used to build the distribution.

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How to try Qodana on a Unity project

The documentation will give you a full overview of how to get started. The first step we recommend is to build sources before launching the analysis by supplying a build command to the bootstrap: section of the qodana.yaml file. Take a look.

You can also see Qodana and Unity in action!

Before bringing Qodana to game developers, we tried it out ourselves on one of our internal VR projects in Unity. Are you interested in learning what we found out? See the results and then try Qodana for yourself.

If you have any questions about trying it, we’re here to help. Let us know in the comments section below or create an issue on Qodana’s YouTrack. For more updates on Qodana, you can follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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