What’s Next: ReSharper C++ 2021.1 Roadmap

Last month we introduced the 2020.3 version, which was packed with lots of amazing new features such as the UnrealHeaderTool integration, C++20 comparisons support, updated navigation features, and a lot of other cool stuff. Have you seen what is inside the latest release yet? Take a look at our What’s New page!

Meanwhile, we are almost ready to begin our new Early Access Program! But before we do, we’d like to discuss our plans for the first major release of 2021. Have we missed anything important? Please share your feedback with us in the comments below, or submit it to our issue tracker.

Our main goals will remain the same and shouldn’t really come as a surprise:

  • Performance – We’re always eager to improve the performance and memory consumption of ReSharper C++. So far, we’ve added a new bunch of internal performance monitoring settings to find and fix more bottleneck issues. Also, there is a code revolution happening under the hood: we’re migrating some subsystems to the native code.
  • Unreal Engine – Since ReSharper C++ is the backend of Rider for Unreal Engine, we’re continuing to upgrade the Unreal Engine support and introduce more Unreal-specific features. Spoiler: quick-fixes for UnrealHeaderTool issues are on the way!
  • C++20 – We’re now just filling in the last remaining gaps and adding modernizing inspections with quick-fixes to make sure you don’t miss the new language features.

We’ve also decided to renew our focus on the C++ Core Guidelines and check whether there is anything else we can offer to help you align with the best programming practices. This promises to be an interesting endeavor, so we’d like to share our findings in a special series of blog posts.

Another feature we’re going to work on is the initial set of Syntax Style rules. In particular, we’re planning to implement syntax style settings for braces around single nested statements, revise the existing inspections, and put them together to ease the configuration.

Additionally, we’re planning to release the Move to Outer Scope refactoring, fixes for the libc++ and C++/CLI support, and more. So stay tuned!

That’s what our roadmap looks like for 2021.1. If you have any feature requests or encounter any issues, please submit them to our tracker. We are looking forward to your feedback!

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