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Take your C++ Coding to the Next Level with ReSharper C++

Picking up a new tool can be tough, especially when you are just starting out. Many people end up losing their patience and quitting too early. A bit of good advice, or even just one small tip, could change all that. This is why our developer advocate, Matt Ellis, has created a series of super-short video tips that you can watch one-by-one, while you’re having your morning coffee or tea or waiting for a build to finish.

We spent the last few weeks publishing the videos, and now you can check out the full playlist of ReSharper C++ Quick Tips!

Episode highlights:

  1. Overload Resolution: Learn why substitution will fail right in the editor before even launching the compiler!
  2. Code Completion: Complete a symbol that’s not yet imported and generate more code with code completion.
  3. Converting Enum to String: The universal Alt+Enter shortcut helps you generate code, for example Convert to string, which converts an enum value into its string equivalent.
  4. Macro Substitution: Substitute macro call and Substitute macro call and all nested calls.
  5. C++20’s Comparisons: Trying to adopt C++20’s new threeway comparison in your codebase? Let us help!
  6. Includes Analyzer: To optimize your build time, check out the Includes Analyzer. It helps you detect include files that are increasing the size of your project.
  7. Postfix Completion: Type a variable or constant and then the operation you want to perform on it, and ReSharper C++ will generate the correct syntax construct for you. Sounds too good to be true? See for yourself!
  8. Modernizing Quick-Fixes: Modern C++ doesn’t have to be challenging and complicated, especially when your editor helps you convert your code from an older standard to a newer one.
  9. Inlay Hints: C++ code can hide a few gems inside, like information about parameter names, namespace names, preprocessor directives, and type names. ReSharper C++ will help you find them!
  10. Text Search: Find anything, anywhere with the Search Everywhere action!

Which topic would you like Matt to cover next? Let us know in the comments!

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