Early Access Program

ReSharper C++ 2023.2 EAP: Improvements for Navigation and Coding Assistance

The new Early Access Program build is here with gutter marks for recursive calls, improvements for more intuitive code navigation, and support for the .cppm module interface file extension! Read on for more details and check out the full list of issues we’ve fixed in this update.

You can download the EAP builds from our website or via the Toolbox App.


More intuitive code navigation

This update brings several improvements for more consistent and straightforward code navigation without extra steps:

  • When invoked on a class name in a constructor call, Go to declaration now navigates to the constructor instead of the containing class. Previously, you had to invoke Go to declaration on the corresponding braces or parentheses to navigate to a constructor.
  • Go to declaration now navigates to the first typedef or type alias declaration instead of showing the menu with all declarations.
  • Type of symbol is now available on non-declarator symbols. The way it works there is similar to Go to declaration.

Coding assistance updates

When generating documentation comments, ReSharper C++ will now adjust the documentation template according to the comment style from the editor. For /**, typing assistance will generate the comment in the /** */ style, and for ///, the comment will be in the /// style.
Documentation comments style

We’ve also introduced a new typing assist option to turn off the generation of documentation comments to avoid conflict with the Visual Studio built-in generator (ReSharper | Options | Environment | Editor | Behavior | C++, C, HLSL | Generate documentation comments).

If you have a recursive call, ReSharper C++ will mark it in the gutter, making it more visible:
Recursive call gutter marks

Other improvements

If you use module interfaces with a different extension than the standard .ixx, ReSharper C++ now also recognizes .cppm as a module interface file.
cppm module interface file

There is a new inspection for redundant template arguments that match the default template argument:
Redundant template arguments

The code completion list now filters out reserved identifiers and suggests them only after “_“. This means you no longer have to scroll through the suggestions from standard libraries unless you need them.
Filtering out reserved identifiers

We’ve also added scoped fixes and code cleanup tasks for dereference inspections implemented in the previous build, Make variable constexpr, and Replace if with if consteval.

That’s all for now! Please try out the new build and share your feedback with us. If you encounter any issues, report them to our issue tracker.


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