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Branch specific settings in TeamCity

We’re often asked how to run different build steps in different branches. In fact, this has already been possible in TeamCity for quite some time (since version 9.1), but it seems we need to do a better job explaining how … Continue reading

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TeamCity Integration with IntelliJ-based IDEs

Starting from its very first version, TeamCity has provided support for IntelliJ platform-based IDEs; and since they are products from JetBrains, this integration is the most powerful one when compared to other IDE integrations. The main idea behind the integration … Continue reading

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TeamCity Plugin for HashiCorp Vault

When performing integration tests and deployments, build scripts need credentials to access external servers and services. Traditionally passwords are stored on the TeamCity server as secure parameters. But although secrets are masked in the UI, encrypted at rest, and protected … Continue reading

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Introducing TeamCity RunAs Plugin

When building, testing, and deploying an application with TeamCity, you may need to run a build under a specific user account, different from the one used to run the build agent. TeamCity RunAs Plugin Overview The teamcity-runas plugin can be … Continue reading

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Build React Apps with TeamCity

Greetings, everyone! In this blog post we will talk about building a React application with TeamCity using one of the newest TeamCity features –  Docker integration, introduced in  TeamCity 2017.2 EAP1. (At the moment the TeamCity-Docker support can run on … Continue reading

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Manage TeamCity Users with Invitations Plugin

Managing users of a TeamCity server is one of the tasks currently handled by the server administrator. Now when a new user comes to the company, they need to create an account on a TeamCity server (provided the default setting … Continue reading

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Run TeamCity CI builds in Google Cloud

We are happy to announce that now TeamCity provides a tight integration with Google Cloud services. The Google Cloud Agents plugin allows using Google Compute Engine to start cloud instances on demand to scale the pool of cloud build agents and also … Continue reading

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TeamCity to Access Private GitHub Repositories Securely

Introduction One of the great features TeamCity has is its integration with GitHub. Authentication from TeamCity to GitHub should be configured for the integration to work. We consider TeamCity secure enough; however, stealing authentication data is a threat we all … Continue reading

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Kotlin Configuration Scripts: Testing Configuration Scripts

This is part five of the five-part series on working with Kotlin to create Configuration Scripts for TeamCity. An Introduction to Configuration Scripts Working with Configuration Scripts Creating Configuration Scripts dynamically Extending the TeamCity DSL Testing Configuration Scripts In this last … Continue reading

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Welcome EAP1 for TeamCity 2017.1 (aka 10.1)

Greetings, everyone! Today we are unveiling the Early Access Preview (EAP) for TeamCity 2017.1, formerly known as TeamCity 10.1! Following the JetBrains versioning scheme, our releases will be now identified by <year of the release>.<number of the feature release within … Continue reading

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