“New Agile Board Concept in YouTrack 7.0 and More” Webinar Recording and Q&A Session

Thanks everyone for joining our live webinar discovering new features in YouTrack 7.0! The recording of the webinar is now available on JetBrains YouTube Channel.

In this webinar we explained the main differences between the old and the new Board, showed enhanced Burndown and Cumulative flow, and introduced the audience to Gantt Chart, Project Templates, and other new features.
If you missed the webinar for any reason, you are welcome to watch it now!


00:00 – Introduction
00:50 – New concept of Agile Board
18:45 – Backlog
27:40 – Cumulative flow & Burndown
33:17 – Examples of Agile Boards
48:54 – Agile Board Templates
51:00 – Project Templates
51:34 – Gantt Chart

New Agile Board Concept in YouTrack 7.0 and More! Q&A Session.

Q: The functionality to automatically add new issues to a Sprint – when you start a new sprint. Do you need to update the target Sprint manually, or is there an option to automatically add new issues to the latest sprint?
A: When you start a new sprint, you can choose an option to add new issues to the sprint, so they will be added there automatically.

Q: Is it possible for the parent work item’s estimate field to be automatically populated with the sum of the child elements’ estimates, recursively? What if I’m not using time-based data type for estimates, e.g. story points?
A: Concerning the first question, if time tracking is enabled, it works that way by default. For the second case, it doesn’t work this way directly, but there is an option to write a workflow for it.

Q: Is there any way to define a default search query / filter for a particular agile board (e.g. show only unassigned issues)?
A: In the new version, the Board is not defined by a search query anymore. You can filter issues on the Board anytime, but it won’t be set up by default.

Q: In the old version we had the general board for all and personal ones for each person. How we can create a board with tasks for one person now?
A: You can make two boards: a general one with sprints linked to version field (if you use any), and another one linked to assignee field. In this case each assignee will have its personal sprint on a second board.

Q: How can I leave the old version of fixed sprints? And how to have an opportunity to select the old sprints on the new board?
A: To link sprints to a fix version, simply select this option in the Board Settings. You can select any previous sprints in the drop-down with a list of sprints.

Q: Does the estimated field on a parent task automatically re-calc from its sub-tasks? If not, how can one do that? We have manually typed in estimates on the original parent. Later we added sub-tasks. Then we changed the sub-task estimates, but the parent estimate did not change.
A: If the field that was set manually in the parent issue is not equal to the sum of the field values of the existing subtasks, then the field value in parent issue will not be automatically recalculated.

Q: Will there be a possibility to make time tracking directly from the Agile Board as in the previous version?
A: You can choose the time tracking field on the card settings right from the Board.

Q: Is there any cloud version?
A: Sure, YouTrack is available in the Cloud, or it can be hosted on your server. Find more information here.

Q: Why does the backlog show some issues that are already assigned to a sprint? Shouldn’t the backlog filter those out, and only show unassigned issues?
A: The backlog is a saved search, so you can configure it any way you want. Click the edit button to define a saved search for it.

Q: Would be useful to have Project as a swimlane option.
A: We actually have a feature request for it. You are welcome to vote for it.

Q: We really need estimates to be recorded and stored in hours (not converted to weeks/days/hours.) Is that possible?
A: Please use an Integer field for it.

Q: Can we remove the weekends from the burndown chart?
A: Weekends are not actually used in calculations, but just shown on the chart.

Q: If you have a single Kanban board for a project, eventually you’re going to want to archive items in the done column. What’s the best way to do so?
A: You can add these items to the state that doesn’t exist on the Board, so all of the items will be removed from Board. Or, you can collapse the column “done” when you don’t need to use it.

Q: When creating a new issue from an issues page, can it be automatically assigned to a board if this board has ‘automatically assign to spint’s setting?
A: Yes, if the state of the new issue matches the state that exists on the Board.

Q: What is different between remaining effort and spent time ? When I create new sprint and back to previous sprint I see that remaining effort expand to new sprint?
A: Remaining effort represents the actual amount of remaining estimates, when the spent time graph displays the sum of all the logged work items as function of time.

Q: Is it possible to “copy” agile board configuration, or to start a new board based on another one ?
A: No, but we’ve created a feature request for it. Please, vote.

Thanks again for joining us for this session, and thank you for your questions and feedback. Try YouTrack 7.0 now if you haven’t yet.

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