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Tune Your Agile Board with YouTrack Tweaks Extension

When you work with issues on your Agile Board, it’s important to configure it the way you prefer. Sometimes you don’t have enough permissions to edit the settings, or you simply want to use more functionality on your board.
Today we’ll tell you about YouTrack Tweaks, a Chrome extension which provides per-user YouTrack customization.

What’s in there?
The extension lets you customize the view of the cards on your Agile Board and enable desktop notifications. Since the extension was released just recently, more features are coming soon.

Agile board cards tweak
You can choose the custom fields that you want to show on the cards on your Agile Board, including a project name. These tweaks let you see more useful information on the card using a small view mode on the board, which is very useful for multi-project boards.

YT tweeks blog

The extension also lets you set up colors for custom fields if you don’t have enough permissions in YouTrack. Simply choose the field that you want to apply color to and click the “Auto-generated colors” button.

YT tweaks

Agile Board desktop notification
You can also enable desktop notifications for your Agile Board. Set the conditions and get the notifications for new issues right away. For example, to get desktop notifications for newly created issues with a bug type on your board, set “Type=Bug”. You will get these notifications even if you work in another tab. Click the notification popup to open the issue. (However, note that the tab with the Agile Board must stay opened in your Chrome browser.)

Yt tweaks2

Two view settings modes are available: expert and simple. The expert mode lets you limit the usage of any tweak by specifying a YouTrack instance URL, Agile Board name or sprint name. You can also change the message or an icon for the notification popup.

Since this is a Chrome extension, all the settings are synchronized in the cloud. That is why if you use the same Gmail account, you won’t lose your configuration settings when you open your board from another device.

Get the extension today and enjoy your tweaked Agile experience!

Please share your feedback in the comment section below. If you have any suggestions or want to report a bug, please use YouTrack Tweaks issue tracker.

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