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YouTrack Workflows from 2018 and Earlier Need Your Attention

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If your team joined YouTrack in 2018 or earlier, please show this post to your system administrators and project administrators.

Some YouTrack customers still rely on legacy workflows, which will be deprecated in November 2020. We kindly recommend checking whether if this affects you and, if it does, taking action. Please read on to learn more.

What are legacy workflows?

By legacy workflows we mean those written in the old Workflow Editor, which was an external application in YouTrack 2018.3 and earlier.

We officially discontinued support for legacy workflows in 2019. In YouTrack 2020.5, which is scheduled for release in November, we plan to remove the logic that supports legacy workflows completely. As a result, any legacy workflow attached to a project in YouTrack will no longer work.

If any of your projects rely on these workflows to support your business processes, please migrate them to JavaScript as soon as possible. For detailed instructions on how to check your workflows, please read this blog post.

What will happen in November 2020?

For YouTrack Standalone, starting with version 2020.5, YouTrack will check if there are any legacy workflows used in your projects. Upgrading to new YouTrack versions will be possible only after those workflows are deactivated.

For YouTrack InCloud, legacy workflows will stop working from version 2020.5. Please note that we cannot delay upgrading your YouTrack InCloud server once YouTrack 2020.5 is out. This is why we strongly recommend checking your workflows in advance to allow enough time for migration, should it prove necessary.

Please take this time to take an inventory of your YouTrack workflows and update any legacy ones as soon as you can.

If you have any questions or need assistance with migrating your workflows to JavaScript, please contact our support team or join the YouTrack Community in Slack. We’re always happy to help!

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