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JetBrains to Launch dotCover EAP Next Week

The first half of 2010 turns out to be pretty fruitful for .NET developers who use JetBrains tools. In addition to upcoming major releases of ReSharper and dotTrace, we’re extending our .NET toolset with dotCover — a code coverage tool.

Many of our customers consider unit tests a vital part of their development workflow. It doesn’t come as a surprise that we want to let them easily see how successful they are in covering their applications with tests. To bring an extremely comfortable code coverage experience to developers, the initial version of dotCover will introduce the following features:

  • Integration with Visual Studio 2005, 2008 and 2010.
  • .NET projects coverage in Visual Studio.
  • Test coverage through tight integration with unit test running engine in ReSharper 5.0.
  • Navigation to source code from coverage report.
  • Highlighting for covered and uncovered code in Visual Studio code editor.
  • Navigation from source code to unit tests that cover it.

We’re thrilled to announce that some of these features will be available via Early Access Program that we’re launching next week. Stay tuned for an additional launch announcement here on the .NET Tools Blog and follow us on Twitter.

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