Submit a Screencast to JetBrains.TV and Win a Free Pass to DevCon London 2010!

Some great things are happening here at JetBrains.

First of all, we have just revealed the very first Beta of JetBrains TV, the definitive resource for videos on JetBrains products and best development practices. Hadi’s got to say a little bit more about it.

Second, we thought if we now have a resource for videos, why not use it straight away to leverage the power of community?

We have 10 passes to the upcoming DevCon London conference that will be held in London, UK, on Septeber 27-29 featuring Scott Allen, Ted Neward, Neal Ford, Greg Young, Ian Cooper, Dino Esposito, Hadi Hariri, Carl Franklin, Richard Campbell, and other renowned speakers. Each of the 2-day passes that we’re giving away is worth £549. You can get one of them pretty easily.

Update! The contest is extended until September 16!

All you need to do for a chance to get a free DevCon London pass is create and share a short screencast about any feature (or features) in any of JetBrains .NET tools: ReSharper, dotTrace, or dotCover. Make sure to submit your screencast to JetBrains TV no later than on September 16. You can highlight your favorite feature, come up with a set of tips and tricks, or make a short task-specific tutorial: be creative in choosing the content of your screencast! If you had previously created a screencast at another video hosting site, you’re free to submit it to JetBrains TV and you’ll be eligible for the contest – just provide a link to the original video location and help us make sure that you’re the author of the original video.

We’ll pick 10 winners on September 17 and provide them with a promotion code that will enable them to visit DevCon London absolutely free of charge!

With this contest, we’re mostly targeting UK developers but if you live elsewhere and you’re willing to land in London on September 28 and 29, you’re very much welcome to take part!

Contest Rules:

  • You publish your screencast (or several screencasts, if you will) at JetBrains TV no later than on September 16. Please use your JetBrains Account to log in there.
  • We will choose best submitted screencasts via internal vote.
  • We will announce 10 winners on September 17 and provide them with free DevCon London passes.


  • JetBrains TV accepts videos in the following file formats: mp4, mpeg, avi, mpg, wmv, flv, and mov. Make sure to export your video to one of these formats.
  • Use 4:3 aspect ratio for better publishing quality.
  • Publish your screencast to a channel that corresponds to the product it’s about: ReSharper, dotCover, or dotTrace.
  • Make sure to mark your screencast with tag DevCon 2010 Screencast Contest.


  • Please showcase current versions of JetBrains products. By current versions, we mean ReSharper 5.0 or later, dotTrace 4 Performance Beta 3 or later, and dotCover 1.0 Beta or RC.
  • Silent screencasts are fine but we’d prefer voiceover.
  • Recommended resolutions: 1024*768 or 800*600.
  • Try to limit screencast duration to 5 minutes.

You are free to create your screencasts using any screencasting tool (Camtasia, Captivate – hey, there are lots of them) and make them available via JetBrains TV.

By the way, we’re also raffling 10 passes to JAX London that will be held in the same venue in the same time with DevCon. If you want to get there too, you can submit a screencast about IntelliJ IDEA (or another IntelliJ-based IDE) as well. See details on the IntelliJ IDEA Blog.

Looking forward to your contributions!

The JetBrains Team

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