Meanwhile… ReSharper 10 EAP kicks off

We have just opened Early Access Program for ReSharper 10, which means you can start using the latest development builds of ReSharper and its sibling tools: ReSharper C++, dotTrace, dotCover, dotPeek and dotMemory.

We should note that we’re not starting with a bang this time: a lot of changes, large and small, that we expect to make part of this release are not merged in yet, and we’ll be making more announcements as they are introduced in the EAP. In addition, as of the inaugural EAP build, noticeable changes have only occurred in the mainline ReSharper, and all the other products are only available for compatibility purposes.

That said, here’s a couple of reasons why you might want to try ReSharper 10 EAP right now:

  • Initial support for JSX syntax is now available in .jsx files order to streamline using React in ASP.NET applications. Code completion, all ReSharper’s regular context actions for HTML and JavaScript, navigation to declarations and search for usages, as well as a couple of refactorings are already available:
    Refactoring options as part of JSX support in ReSharper
  • JavaScript regular expressions that were originally supported in ReSharper 9.2 are now covered in more detail. Specifically, regular expressions are now recognized in RegExp constructors and methods, as well as in String object methods (match(), search(), replace(), split()), in addition to regular expression literals. Also, Make regular expression and Remove regular expression context actions are now available in JavaScript.
    JavaScript regular expressions via RegExp objects
  • TypeScript 1.6 support has gotten stronger with the addition of intersection types (RSRP-445826).
  • Less red code in C#. We’ve fixed a number of scenarios where ReSharper couldn’t resolve perfectly valid code, such as extension methods (RSRP-447688), System references in Xamarin.Forms projects (RSRP-447755), and await statements in Universal Windows Platform applications (RSRP-445975). Web sites in Visual Studio 2015 have received their fair share of red code fixes as well.
  • Fixes in ReSharper Command Line Tools, mostly related to analyzing WPF applications (RSRP-447361) and making sure that InspectCode can be successfully launched on funny file paths (RSRP-447873).
  • IntelliSense fixes related to formatting on completion before attribute (RSRP-437539), smart completion formerly leading to Visual Studio errors (RSRP-445914), and performance issues when collecting extension methods to show in completion (RSRP-447262).
  • An important unit testing regression has been fixed, and parent nodes in Unit Test Sessions tool window again show exactly how many child tests have failed (RSRP-442851).

If you find the changes outlined above relevant to your work, please download ReSharper 10 EAP, and expect more changes soon: both in ReSharper itself and in other products that are part of the ReSharper Ultimate family.

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