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ReSharper Ultimate EAP 7

Today we have prepared a fresh ReSharper Ultimate EAP build. EAP 7 is mostly about fixes and stabilization across all the tools from ReSharper Ultimate family, and we encourage you to download and try it if you didn’t have a chance to do it earlier. As ReSharper Ultimate 10 release is just around the corner, we need your feedback as soon as possible, so if anything is not working, please let us know.

Here is quick wrap up of what this build has to offer:


  • Improved performance of Unit Testing, along with several important bug-fixes for issues discovered in previous EAP builds.
  • Updated default severities for some of the code style inspections.
  • Template completion (Shift+Enter on selected method or constructor)
  • A set of fixes related to UWP support for the latest update of Windows developer tools.

Here is the full list of fixes in ReSharper 10 EAP 6 and EAP 7.

ReSharper C++

In addition to a set of fixes, ReSharper C++ speeds up on solution load for already cached solutions and receives support for char16_t and char32_t built in types.


dotCover comes with several fixes for Continuous Testing, and a fix for the issue with huge icons in high DPI.


dotMemory receives the start screen similar to dotTrace Home. The new dotMemory Home screen can be used as a starting point to memory profiling that lets you launch a new local or remote profiling session, attach to a running process, configure the profiling session and more.
dotMemory start screen
Every application type will offer different settings for running and profiling the application. Selecting the Advanced checkbox will provide additional options, such as filtering for child processes we might want to exclude from profiling session.

What’s next?

We plan to publish more EAP builds later this week, since the release is scheduled for November, 2. Please report any problem you might encounter to issue trackers of affected products. Here are the corresponding links for your reference: ReSharper, ReSharper C++, dotTrace, dotCover, dotMemory, dotPeek.

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