Rider EAP 19: new .NET Core, LESS, Sass, and more

Here’s a monthly dose of good news: you can now download a new Rider EAP build.

JetBrains Rider EAP 19

Below is a quick summary of what’s inside Rider EAP 19. Note that the build contains major improvements that we’re hoping to describe in more detail next week.

  • Initial support for .csproj-based .NET Core projects. Rider has been limited to project.json-based .NET Core for too long, but now the wait is over. There are some rough patches such as no unit test debugging but we’re going to improve support for the new .NET Core as we go forward.
  • A substantial pack of WebStorm functionality for front-end development has been added to Rider, including support for LESS and Sass; Bower, npm, Gulp and Grunt; as well as JavaScript quality tools (JSLint, JSHint, Closure Linter, JSCS, ESLint).
    LESS support in Rider
  • A group of changes that has to do with configuring and running code inspections. You can now configure code inspections via a settings page that is very similar to the one you have in ReSharper. You can also run any ReSharper inspection by name, or, once you’ve opened the Alt+Enter menu where a particular code issue is found, you can now search for similar issues in file, project, solution, or in a custom scope.
  • When you use Rider’s Find in Path tool window, you can now find text using .NET-specific search scopes: solution, project, and directory.
    Find in Path
  • Soft wraps are now working: you can turn them on/off for all files, or just for the active editor.
  • A color picker window is now available for C#, XAML and CSS.
  • Multiple bug fixes to address issues such as to-do item discovery in To-do Explorer, high CPU usage caused by mono-sgen processes on macOS, and more.

Please download the new Rider EAP and let us know how it works for you.

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25 Responses to Rider EAP 19: new .NET Core, LESS, Sass, and more

  1. Great to see .csproj is now supported! Any ETA on when we can expect to see the return of the debugger? No doubt you’re all hard at work on it, just interested in knowing if you have a rough idea when we can expect to see it? Great work none the less, Rider is awesome!

  2. Caleb Lloyd says:

    I have installed EAP 19 on linux, and my .csproj files are failing to load with:

    Cannot load the project with the current MSBuild toolset. Please ensure MSBuild 15.0 is installed.
    Install the latest Mono from http://www.mono-project.com/download/

    I am on Ubuntu 16.04 and I have the dotnet-dev-1.0.1 and mono-complete packages installed. This is dotnet core tooling 1.0 (which supports msbuild) and mono, but rider still does not load my projects. Is there another package that I need to install?

  3. Jens says:

    Hi there, really cool to have csproj support now.
    Unfortunately I am on Fedora 25 and while there are mono 4.8 packages, there is no msbuild package in the mono repositories.

    Is there a way to use “dotnet msbuild” somehow? I tried to put that in an bash script. When executed from a terminal it gives me: Microsoft (R) Build Engine version 15.1.548.43366

    But Rider won’t pick it up when I refer to this script in the custom toolset path. I’m getting: Can’t connect to MsBuild project model process in 600000 ms

    Best regards!

    • Sebastian says:

      I installed mono-msbuild on my OpenSuse 42.1 machine but that did not help :S
      Rider still asks me to install it (as stated by other users). Though, I agree with Jens, Rider simply should use Microsoft’s dotnet build instead of having a dependency to mono.

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  9. Richard Seldon says:

    Just updated to Build 19 – and now none of the books I am following, which refer to project.json, are easy to follow as the wizards in Build 19 do not generate this file. For anyone else out there, this reference might be helpful – https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/articles/core/tools/project-json-to-csproj

    JetBrains – please can you also do a blog on the changes, and how users previously working against project.json can “migrate” to the new csproj format.

  10. Richard Seldon says:

    > Initial support for .csproj-based .NET Core projects. Rider has been limited to project.json-based .NET Core for too long, but now the wait is over…


    Why on earth are we moving back to XML configuration?

  11. Artur says:

    What about Xamarin support? I think really great amount of developers is waiting for it.

  12. Zdeno T says:

    Doesn’t work for me.
    Cannot load the project with the current MSBuild toolset. Please ensure MSBuild 15.0 is installed.

    Windows 10.

  13. Nice Post!
    I love your blog Post but some of point you uncovered. I want to know about Xamairn support! Most of developer & programming people is waiting for that.

    Thanks for sharing!!

  14. DC Kumawat says:

    Nice Post !

    I’ve been using Rider EAP for basically the past 5 months and it’s been great for me since I use IntelliJ in my day job.

  15. Great article. I am a .net developer and using Rider EAP from past 8 months.
    Thanks for sharing this information with us.

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