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Rider EAP 19: new .NET Core, LESS, Sass, and more

Here’s a monthly dose of good news: you can now download a new Rider EAP build.

JetBrains Rider EAP 19

Below is a quick summary of what’s inside Rider EAP 19. Note that the build contains major improvements that we’re hoping to describe in more detail next week.

  • Initial support for .csproj-based .NET Core projects. Rider has been limited to project.json-based .NET Core for too long, but now the wait is over. There are some rough patches such as no unit test debugging but we’re going to improve support for the new .NET Core as we go forward.
  • A substantial pack of WebStorm functionality for front-end development has been added to Rider, including support for LESS and Sass; Bower, npm, Gulp and Grunt; as well as JavaScript quality tools (JSLint, JSHint, Closure Linter, JSCS, ESLint).
    LESS support in Rider
  • A group of changes that has to do with configuring and running code inspections. You can now configure code inspections via a settings page that is very similar to the one you have in ReSharper. You can also run any ReSharper inspection by name, or, once you’ve opened the Alt+Enter menu where a particular code issue is found, you can now search for similar issues in file, project, solution, or in a custom scope.
  • When you use Rider’s Find in Path tool window, you can now find text using .NET-specific search scopes: solution, project, and directory.
    Find in Path
  • Soft wraps are now working: you can turn them on/off for all files, or just for the active editor.
  • A color picker window is now available for C#, XAML and CSS.
  • Multiple bug fixes to address issues such as to-do item discovery in To-do Explorer, high CPU usage caused by mono-sgen processes on macOS, and more.

Please download the new Rider EAP and let us know how it works for you.

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