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Rider 2017.1.1 is released

Please welcome the new .NET IDE’s first bugfix release: Rider 2017.1.1. You can either download the new build’s installer, or use Rider’s Help | Check for Updates menu to install a patch without the burden of downloading it all over again.

This bugfix improves debugging asynchronous code (RIDER-507) by actually allowing you to step into async functions or over async expressions, avoids overwriting applicationhost.config files (RIDER-7897), adds a bunch of fixes around Xamarin.Android and Unity (including ShaderLab syntax support), and more: the full list of fixes is 50+ issues long.

Note that this update does not address support for .NET Core 2.0: if you’re looking for that, rest assured that we expect to open Early Access Program for Rider 2017.2 next week, and .NET Core 2.0 will be supported from the very first build.

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