Rider 2018.1.1 is released

A polished version of Rider 2018.1 is ready. Just click download to get the latest Rider 2018.1.1 bug-fix update working on your machine.

Among the many bug fixes, you will find some new features as well. Here are some highlights of this build we have prepared for you:

RIDER-15898 — Support for .NET Core 2.1 project templates.
RIDER-15514 — Fixed deployment of Xamarin projects.
— Fixed issues with NuGet actions which require HTTP/HTTPS requests (e.g., Restore, Search, and so on).
RIDER-10078 — Fixed invocation of a method with a params argument while debugging.
RIDER-15320 — Fixed drag-and-drop to move folders in C# and VB projects.
RIDER-9174 — Fixed the behavior of Start New Line Before Current.
RIDER-476 — The console on the Run tab displays output with non-ASCII characters correctly.
RIDER-13576Step Over works as expected and moves to the next statement in the block.
RIDER-15197, RIDER-15397 — Fixed several issues around XAML Preview.

Here is a bunch of small fixes that should make your experience with Unity even more enjoyable:

— The Step and Refresh actions for Unity projects work correctly.
— Fixed multiple problems with Unity Test Runner which caused the pending or inconclusive status of tests.
#535Auto Refresh now works more gently, actuating after refactoring and not bothering you unnecessarily.
— The Database tool window is back for Unity projects. It provides full access to functions for working with databases and DDL data sources.
— Optimized UI for Unity projects has got a setting to show-hide Solution Configuration in Rider toolbar Settings | Languages & Frameworks | Unity Engine | Hide Solution Configuration. (This menu element is hidden by default.)
RIDER-15909 — Rider is now responsive while the project is running and has a huge number of Unity logs.
RIDER-15934, #523, #562 — Fixed issues with .csproj file generation which caused a variety of bugs for Unity 2017.4.x versions.
#561 — Improved search on Linux for Rider installed via JetBrains Toolbox App and via the classic installer.
#556 — Fixed bug in detecting corresponding Unity editor instances to Attach Debugger when multiple Unity instances are running.

F# improvements:

RIDER-7148 — Debug in F# Interactive (only on Windows for now) is available under Tools | F# Interactive | Debug in F# Interactive.
#8 — Added inline debugger values (thanks to our contributors!).
— Improved memory usage and performance in projects with multiple target frameworks (many thanks to our other contributors!).

120+ issues were also fixed. Please see the full list for more details.

You can install this update either via Toolbox App, or as a patch for Rider 2018.1 (use Help | Check for Updates), or otherwise just get an installer from our website.

Last but not least: we love hearing from you! Feel free to suggest a new feature or report a problem in a way that works for you: this blog post, the issue tracker, or Twitter.

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