Rider 2018.3.2 bug-fix update release!

Please welcome our Rider 2018.3.2 bug-fix update!

Rider 2018.3 Splash Screen
In this update, we’ve fixed:

You can see the full list of all 30 fixed issues on YouTrack.

There are several ways to get this hotfix:

  • Download and install from www.jetbrains.com.
  • Update right inside Rider: select Help | Check for updates.
  • Use our Toolbox App.
  • Use this snap package from the SnapCraft store, but only if you are using a compatible Linux distro.
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11 Responses to Rider 2018.3.2 bug-fix update release!

  1. Oleksii Vynnychenko says:

    Guys, can you speak about 2019.1 EAP time arrival? Or it’s still too early and uncertain?
    Also if it will have initial support of .NET Core 3 + C# 8?

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  3. Martin says:

    With previous version I gave up because I was too slow.
    I didn’t finish testing this new release but feels smoother and responsive. Good Work!!!
    To me… visual studio is a nightmare compare with this Rider. Thanks!!!!!!

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