Rider 2019.3.1 Hotfix Is Out!

We’ve just published Rider 2019.3.1 hotfix.


It has the following hotfixes:

  • Add, Update, Change, and other actions work again in the NuGet tool window on Linux even if the latest Mono is not installed.
  • Enabling Roslyn Analyzers in the solution does not hang code analysis anymore.
  • Export/Import settings works again.
  • The bundled MSBuild version has been updated to support building .NET Core 3 projects.
  • There are a lot of fixes in Unity support.
  • Scrolling in a database table view/editor with many columns is now faster.

The full list of fixes is here.

Get this hotfix in one of these ways:

  • Download and install from
  • Update right inside Rider: select Help | Check for updates.
  • Use our Toolbox App.
  • Use this snap package from the SnapCraft store if you are using a compatible Linux distro.
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3 Responses to Rider 2019.3.1 Hotfix Is Out!

  1. Avatar says:

    January 11, 2020

    When I use visual studio to design the control of the windows form, the location in form.designer is a coordinate value. When I open the windows form twice with the rider, the location in form.designer will change and become different. Why is this? Is there a configuration item that can be modified or is it an ide problem? This problem arises when using verson control to compare differences, the comparison window is always refreshing, and the scroll bar cannot be pulled down.

  2. Avatar

    Daniel Cumings says:

    February 6, 2020

    Any plans on adding this feature or something similar:

    I really like how datagrip actually gives you a live update of how long a query is running something similar to that in rider would be sweet.

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