Rider 2019.3.1 Hotfix Is Out!

We’ve just published Rider 2019.3.1 hotfix.


It has the following hotfixes:

  • Add, Update, Change, and other actions work again in the NuGet tool window on Linux even if the latest Mono is not installed.
  • Enabling Roslyn Analyzers in the solution does not hang code analysis anymore.
  • Export/Import settings works again.
  • The bundled MSBuild version has been updated to support building .NET Core 3 projects.
  • There are a lot of fixes in Unity support.
  • Scrolling in a database table view/editor with many columns is now faster.

The full list of fixes is here.

Get this hotfix in one of these ways:

  • Download and install from
  • Update right inside Rider: select Help | Check for updates.
  • Use our Toolbox App.
  • Use this snap package from the SnapCraft store if you are using a compatible Linux distro.
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