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JetBrains .NET Day Online 2020 – Call for Speakers

In 2019, we held our first JetBrains .NET Day Online – a free virtual event where community speakers covered topics they are passionate about, ranging from deep technical .NET content and speakers’ experiences with specific tools and technologies to personal development.

[Update] The event registration page is now available!

We want to repeat the event this year on May 14, 2020 – hosting several webinars with community speakers, back to back. Right now, we are looking for speakers interested in presenting with us!

We’ll highlight you as a speaker and any resources you may want to share, such as your blog, open source projects, online courses, etc.


Some frequently asked questions:

  • What type of talks are you looking for?
    In short, we welcome .NET topics that are relevant to a broader audience, ideally with a link to a JetBrains product (though this is not required).Not sure if your talk idea will fit? Reach out to and we can discuss!Last year’s topics: JetBrains .NET Day Online 2019 agenda.Some examples:

    • Building a modern web application in Rider with ASP.NET Web API and React.js
    • Refactoring a legacy codebase / SOLID principles
    • Using ReSharper command-line tools for static analysis of a code base
    • Memory management, Span and more in .NET
    • Deep-dive into a performance problem with dotTrace
    • Xamarin, F#, Unity game development, …
  • When is this happening? How will talks be scheduled?
    JetBrains .NET Day Online 2020 will take place on May 14, 2020. Sessions will be scheduled according to your time zone.
  • How long should my session be?
    Each session will be a 1 hour online broadcast and will include an introduction by one of our developer advocates, your session, and a Q&A.
  • Are sessions recorded?
    Sessions will be recorded and shared on YouTube, and they will be promoted in our newsletter and on our blog.
  • When does the Call for Speakers close?
    The Call for Speakers closes March 19, 2020.

We’re looking forward to your session submissions.

Head over to our Call for Speakers – thanks in advance for submitting your talks!

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