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Rider for Unreal Engine 2020.3 Preview

Rider for Unreal Engine is now at the Public Preview stage, targeting the release in 2021.

We would love to know how you are finding the Rider for Unreal Engine Preview. Are you enjoying the product? Leave your feedback in comments here.

Rider for Unreal Engine Preview

Meanwhile, we’ve released the new 2020.3 update! Use a patch to update right from the IDE (Help | Check for Updates) if you already use the product, or sign in to get into the Preview program.


This version brings Rider for Unreal Engine into alignment with the recent updates to the ReSharper C++ and Rider IDEs.

Some of the key highlights include:

Unreal Engine

  • UnrealHeaderTool now runs on the file you’re currently editing, providing an in-editor linting experience for Unreal macros. Rider will show you warnings and errors as you type, reducing the time it takes to find and fix problems with your macros. Watch it in action.
  • The full power of control-flow analysis now comes to HLSL shader files. It warns you about unreachable code, uninitialized variables, redundant control flow jumps and conditional branches, and more.
  • Live tracking for Unreal Engine properties automatically regenerates the project model when necessary, and MoveTemp allows you to cast a reference to an rvalue reference. Further, Rider now warns you if you need to regenerate the project model (for example, when you’ve created a new class from Unreal Editor). Learn more.
  • Rider now reads all of the toolchain information required for coding assistance from UnrealBuildTool (including C++ standard version).
  • There’s also a variety of fixes for inspection severtities, naming, and more.


  • We’ve added a new action to set the execution point to an arbitrary line of code during debugging.
  • There is now support for the {,,[module] } context operator in evaluated expressions.
  • We’ve implemented a fix for the incorrect evaluation of expressions with exported functions (e.g. PrintScriptCallstack()).
  • There are many other fixes and performance improvements.

UnrealLink/RiderLink plugins

  • The build process for the plugin has been completely reworked. This addresses issues with build failures on various toolchains and compilers.

Finally, we just want to confirm that Rider for Unreal Engine Preview will soon be available on platforms other than Windows, and we are targeting 2021 for the full public general release!


Kind regards,
The JetBrains Rider team

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