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.NET Annotated | April 2021

Did you know? There are over 30 languages that target the .NET CLI. The .NET CLI is an open specification of the runtime environment of the .NET framework. Perhaps you’re getting bored with the same old .NET language. Why not try something like Cobra or X#?

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Getting started with Dapr for .NET Developers – Are you starting out with Dapr and microservice development? Then here’s good news! Laurent Kempé has created a series of top-notch blog posts centered on Dapr for .NET developers. Don’t miss this valuable content about Dapr. Check it out: Laurent’s Dapr .NET content today.

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Moving from Visual Studio to JetBrains Rider – Khalid Abuhakmeh has created this guide to help folks move from Visual Studio to Rider. Rider’s wonderfully helpful features make it a pretty smooth process.

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We’ve all been there, Luise.

Indeed! Such a great feeling to successfully merge and deploy!

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