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Rider 2023.1 Early Access Program Has Started

Hello everyone,

Today we’re releasing the first EAP build for Rider 2023.1. You can now download it directly from the JetBrains website or install it via the JetBrains Toolbox App or

Let’s take a look at some of the feature highlights waiting for you inside. 

Game development


In addition to documentation for MSDN and the Unity Core API, Rider is now also able to give quick access to online documentation for Unity registry packages, including DOTS. You can view links to the documentation by either pressing F1 or consulting the Quick Documentation popup that appears when you hover over a symbol.

Unreal Engine

We’ve reworked the New UE class context action. It is now called New UE Component and offers a range of parent classes to choose from, as well as the option to specify whether the class is public or private. Overall, the dialog now looks and functions more in line with its counterpart inside Unreal Engine. 

Docker support

Right on schedule, Fast mode is now available to run Docker projects in Rider. Previously, you could only use it for debugging. We’ve also made it possible to use Fast mode with a wider range of Dockerfiles (RIDER-73799). And last but not least, we’ve made Fast mode even faster by pulling the Docker images and inspecting them during solution startup. 

Support for Fast mode debugging for custom Dockerfiles in Rider 2023.1 EAP 1

Rider is also now able to generate Docker-compose run configurations from .dcproj project files automatically upon opening a solution.

Whenever you deploy an application to Docker in Fast mode, you need to share the generated HTTPS development certificates between the host and the container. We’ve automated this step by adding a Share generated SSL certificate option for Docker run configurations. If you select that option, the development certificate will be exported with a password, which will be stored in the .NET user secrets store, and two volumes of the certificate will be mounted to the container.

Please note that it is only possible to share trusted certificates on Windows and macOS, which means you need to manually trust the certificate on Linux.

Code inspection

Rider will now highlight empty #regions in C# code and provide quick-fixes for easy code cleanup. 

Rider now has a code inspection that will suggest replacing span.SequenceEqual("stringLiteral") with span is "stringLiteral" – a cleaner and more convenient C# syntax solution than calling a function. 

Main toolbar fix 

The Build and Edit Solution Configuration menu buttons that disappeared from the main toolbar in the new UI have been returned to their previous places. We apologize for any inconvenience their disappearance has caused.   

For the full list of resolved issues, please refer to our issue tracker.

That’s it for now! We can’t wait to hear your feedback in the comments below or on social media. 

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