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Object-Oriented vs. Functional Programming With C# and F# – Recording Available

Thanks to all who joined our free live webinar, Object-Oriented vs. Functional Programming With C# and F#, with Software Architect at Calitime AG, Urs Enzler is now available on our YouTube channel – JetBrains TV.

Modern programming languages support both object-oriented and functional programming to a large extent. What are the differences between the two approaches, and where is one more appropriate than the other? Can these two programming paradigms be combined?

In this session, we look at the differences and similarities between functional and object-oriented programming using examples in C# and F#.

Webinar Recording


Slides for this presentation can be found on Urs Enzler’s blog.

About the presenter:

Urs Enzler

Urs Enzler

Urs Enzler has been a .NET developer since .NET was born. As a software architect, he builds flexible, reliable, and maintainable software with his team.

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