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ReSharper 2023.2 Release Candidate Is Available

Get a preview of all the latest features and improvements set to be shipped with the next major release of ReSharper and the .Net tools by downloading the Release Candidate builds that have just landed.

Here are the major improvements in each of the new builds:

ReSharper 2023.2 Release Candidate

  • Improved support for raw string literals and local functions.
  • Inspections and quick-fixes for handling common Entity Framework issues and redundant nullable directives.
  • Early support for C# 12’s primary constructors and lambda expressions with optional parameters.
  • New inlay hints for improved code readability.
  • New formatting options for fluent APIs.
  • Dramatically improved solution loading speed.
  • Ability to easily create and navigate through unit tests.
  • AI Assistant [Limited Access].
  • Predictive debugger (Beta).
  • Assembly diff in the decompiler.

ReSharper C++ 2023.2 Release Candidate

  • Support for C++23’s if consteval and new related inspections, standard library modules, static operator(), and operator[].
  • Improved support for C++20’s modules, the [[no_unique_address]] attribute, and more.
  • Safe Delete refactoring.
  • Optimized Blueprint indexing for Unreal Engine solutions.
  • Improved smart completion for wrapper types with standard assignment semantics.
  • New context action for disabling active step filters.
  • More intuitive code navigation.
  • Gutter marks for recursive calls.

dotMemory 2023.2 Release Candidate

  • Snapshot analysis support for JetBrains Rider. 

dotTrace 2023.2 Release Candidate

  • Grouping call stacks by thread when viewing sampling, tracing, and line-by-line snapshots.

dotPeek 2023.2 Release Candidate

  • Ability to compare two assemblies in detail.

Just a reminder: You can download the build right now from the ReSharper 2023.2 EAP page or install it via the JetBrains Toolbox App.

It’s not too late to share your feedback on the newest features! Our developers are still putting the final touches on the upcoming release. Tell us what you think in the comments below or by tweeting at us.

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