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dotInsights | June 2024

Did you know? A commonly used sorting algorithm known as Bogosort is also referred to as the ‘slow sort’. Because the algorithm works by generating all permutations of its input until it finds one that is sorted, makes it significantly inefficient and impractical for large data sets. Despite its impracticality, it’s often mentioned in computer science education as an exercise in learning sorting algorithms.

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“What’s the single most important skill for a software developer to have?”

That’s the question that we asked ChatGPT-4 recently, and the focus of our featured content this month. Let’s see what it says: 

Problem-Solving ability is the most important skill for a software developer. This is because developers are often tasked with creating new systems or repairing existing ones. Hence, the ability to diagnose problems, find possible solutions, and implement these solutions effectively is crucial.”

This answer was expected. And it’s true, but so far as helpful answers go, it’s a bit vague. What exactly do people and ChatGPT mean by “problem-solving ability”? So we asked a follow-up question. “What kind of problem solving skills?” And here we got a bit more detail: 

“Understanding and applying algorithms: Ability to understand common algorithms and manipulate them to fit specific needs.

Logical thinking: Ability to approach problems sensibly and systematically, this includes debugging code, testing for and fixing software bugs.

Knowledge of data structures: This allows developers to efficiently store and retrieve data.

Knowledge of design patterns and principles: Knowing common software development design patterns and principles helps in writing more efficient and maintainable code.

Knowledge of certain methodologies: This could be Agile or DevOps. Knowing these methodologies allows software developers to work more efficiently in team environments and manage projects more effectively.

Analytical thinking: A good software developer can analyze the full scope of a problem and propose a series of suitable solutions.

Creativity: Sometimes, standard solutions to a problem may not be feasible. For such occurrences, creativity can come in handy in coming with an unorthodox solution.

Attention to detail: Small errors can have big impacts in software development. Good problem solving skills include the ability to focus on small details as well as larger issues.”

ChatGPT was right! Indeed, being able to solve problems with critical thought means that once you’ve learned how algorithms work, you’ll be able to apply the correct ones in various situations as they arise. Problem-solving skills are far more important than knowing the latest framework, language features, or memorizing command line or shell commands. Additionally, the skills in the list are really helpful not just for programming, but also in everyday life outside of work. Want to fine tune your critical thinking skills? Here’s a great talk on how to break down problems and really apply critical thinking, by Laïla Bougriâ.

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