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Rider 2024.1.3 and ReSharper 2024.1.3 Updates Are Out!

Another set of updates to the latest major releases of Rider and ReSharper have just been released.  Just like the previous update, this one contains more than just fixes. Let’s take a look!

ReSharper 2024.1.3

New inspection for unawaited calls to PartialAsync in Razor

When developing Razor views, it is common to overlook async method calls that require the await keyword. While your code may compile, forgetting the await keyword means ASP.NET will not execute the view and will not write the intended HTML to the response. ReSharper will now warn you when a PartialAsync call is missing an await, helping you side-step the frustrating issue of broken view rendering.

The new inspection is also available in Rider 2024.1.3. 

For the full list of changes and fixes included in this build, please see our issue tracker.

Rider 2024.1.3 

Important fixes:

[CVE-2024-37051] We have fixed a security vulnerability related to JetBrains GitHub Plugin. For more details, please refer to the blog post.

Updated Roslyn support for .NET SDK 8.0.300

Support for Roslyn analyzers inside Rider has been successfully updated to remain compatible with the latest SDK release.  

Improved UI for the spelling and grammar checker

We’ve refined the experience of saving new items to a dictionary via the context menu. Now there is a clear Add to user dictionary action expandable into a list of available dictionaries. You can find more information in this ticket.

Short names for tool windows in the side menu

There’s now an option to display tool window names under the corresponding icons in the sidebar. The setting can be found in Settings/Preferences | Appearance & Behavior | Appearance. 

For the full list of changes and fixes included in this build, please see our issue tracker.

Please share your feedback on the latest updates in the comments section below or over on our social media (Rider, ReSharper). 

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