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ReSharper Ultimate 2020.1 Kicks off the Early Access Program!

Just an hour ago, we published our first EAP build for ReSharper Ultimate 2020.1. Jump in and preview what’s coming in 2020.1! Since everybody seems interested in performance, let’s start with the performance news. There were tons of changes in … Continue reading

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New color highlighting features in ReSharper 2019.3

Starting from ReSharper 2019.3, we added more colors settings for highlighting code from Tools | Options | Fonts and Colors to adjust code highlighting more precisely. Let’s take a look at the new color options that are available! Before getting … Continue reading

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Find your perfect database development style with Rider

Rider contains many features for styling code so that it’s easy to read, and therefore easy to understand and maintain that code. This post is part of a series around finding a coding style that fits you like a glove, … Continue reading

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Find your perfect C# style using Rider

What does C# code with good style look like? While it depends somewhat on the individual or team, there are a few popular staples of style when it comes to C#, and you’ll read about those here. Regardless of what’s … Continue reading

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Find your perfect coding style using Rider

A coding style is a way to consistently write code in a particular way. Style is all about readability. A good style should make it smooth, easy, and pleasant for you and others to read and modify. Code that’s easy … Continue reading

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Export EditorConfig Code Style, Optimize References for SDK Projects, and More ReSharper 2019.1 EAP Updates

The latest ReSharper 2019.1 Early Access Preview (EAP) and Rider 2019.1 EAP builds come with a number of improvements to formatting and code cleanup. ReSharper can export code style settings to EditorConfig. In the editor, pressing backspace returns to the proper indent position … Continue reading

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A Look at what’s new in Rider 2018.3: Code Completion, TODO and More

We have already looked at the many new and improved features of Rider! Let’s look at even more available in the Rider 2018.3 version. We are going to look at what’s new in Code Completion with regards to Package references, configuration files and … Continue reading

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Roslyn Analyzer Rulesets and stylecop.json support in Rider 2018.2

Code analysis is an important technique to keep our code clean, readable and free of defects. Besides its own code analysis features, Rider 2018.1 started to add support for Roslyn Analyzers, such as xunit.analyzers, which seamlessly blend into the familiar … Continue reading

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Extending JavaScript/TypeScript code analysis with JSLint, ESLint, and TSLint

ReSharper and Rider come with code analysis and quick-fixes for JavaScript/TypeScript. In our latest 2018.2 releases, we’re extending the built-in code analysis rules with support for JSLint, ESLint, and TSLint static analysis tools! All of these linters help ensure our JavaScript and … Continue reading

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Formatter comments and more in ReSharper and Rider 2018.2

Probably everyone has faced this issue once or twice: we’ve gone through all these options to find some proper formatting and code style settings. Most of our code looks pretty and clean now. But then, there are these few cases, … Continue reading

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