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Rider 2020.3: .NET 5, C# 9, F# 5, Immediate Window, Project Dependency Diagram, and Updates to Unity Support

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Hello everyone!

For the last 4 months the whole .NET division here at JetBrains has been working hard on preparing some awesome stuff for you in the last Rider release of this year. We hope you will enjoy all the new features and improvements. Say hello to the Rider 2020.3 release!

Here are the most notable new features in this release.

.NET 5

Rider supports all of the features from the latest versions of .NET including source generators, new NuGet features, and new target frameworks (net5.0-windows and net5.0).

C# 9

All the new features from C# 9 are finally supported in Rider: record types, updates to partial methods, init-only properties, and attributes for local functions, to name but a few.

Immediate Window

The new Immediate Window allows you to create synthetic variables when the program stops on a breakpoint, and to experiment with your code without restarting the debugger.

Project Dependency Diagram

This long-awaited feature from ReSharper helps you visualize project dependencies in your solution and explore its architecture.

Unity support

Rider 2020.3 includes more Unity support, with updates to Burst analysis, shader support, and unit testing, as well as a handful of helpful fixes.

If you have any questions about the features and improvements listed above, you can learn more on the What’s New in Rider 2020.3 page.

Other awesome updates in this release

I decided not to include all the improvements in the list below, as it would be a bit too long for a blog post. We’ve written down all the features on the What’s New in Rider 2020.3 page, so please refer to it if you want to know all the details.

Other updates include:

  • Support for F# 5 features: string interpolation, nameof keyword, and open type declarations.

  • If you want to have several tabs open while working on a project, you can now drag and drop file tabs to split the editor either horizontally or vertically.

  • Search for all occurrences comes to the Solution Explorer view! It looks through all the nodes in the solution tree (now even in collapsed nodes) including files, folders, projects, references, analyzers, imports, and packages.
  • We’ve introduced full language support for the Avalonia UI framework.

  • We’ve added Git Staging support! You can now stage changes directly from Rider.
  • The Dynamic Program Analysis plugin (previously only available for Windows) is now available on macOS and Linux for .NET Core applications.
  • In the dotCover plugin, you can now define what projects should be built when a continuous testing session is triggered.

  • We’ve added a flame graph to the performance profiler. This graph is a visualization of the Call Tree that lets you find slow methods more quickly.
  • We’ve created a new “Push-to-Hint” mechanism for inlay hints.

  • You can now specify a template for a file header.
  • It is possible to sync your IDE and OS themes.

  • We’ve added a great new feature to detect and configure formatting settings from the code editor.

  • Blazor support has been improved.
  • The performance of Solution-Wide Error Analysis has improved by approximately 25% thanks to turning off greedy inspection calculations.
  • There’s a new rich editor for Info.plist in Xamarin.iOS projects.

You can see the full list of fixes in the 2020.3 release cycle on YouTrack.
That’s all the updates from the JetBrains .NET team for this year, we’ll see you again in 2021!

To read about all the changes and improvements that have been made, please refer to the What’s New in Rider 2020.3 page.

Please let us know what you think of Rider 2020.3 in the comments below, in our issue tracker, or on social media. We appreciate your feedback!

You can get this release in all the usual ways:

  • Download and install it from www.jetbrains.com.
  • Update right inside Rider: Help | Check for updates.
  • Use our Toolbox App.
  • Use this snap package from the SnapCraft store if you are using a compatible Linux distro.
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