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PyCharm license winners from EuroPython

While showing off PyCharm at EuroPython conference in Florence, we also had a 5 free licenses raffle. And we did not forget that the winners should be announced. So, the winners are: Zambaldi Pietro Brunetti Daniela Ghironi Grzegorz Kapkowski Marek … Continue reading

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PyCharm 1.5.2 bugfix update

As we promised, here is an update for PyCharm IDE — version 1.5.2 mostly fixes the issues related to the features added in 1.5 and some reported earlier. See the full list of changes in release notes and download the update. … Continue reading

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Our Favorite Issue Tracker Gets Updated — Meet YouTrack 3.0

If you’ve ever submitted a feature request or a bug for PyCharm you have seen YouTrack issue tracker we’re creating at JetBrains. Yesterday, a new major update of YouTrack has been released. Please welcome YouTrack 3.0, a fully customizable version … Continue reading

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PyCharm Europe tour: DjangoCon, EuroPython

Last week some of us visited DjangoCon in Amsterdam. Needless to say, it was great as always. Besides the interesting sessions, inspiring lightning talks (including a presentation of PyCharm) and evening fun (it’s Amsterdam!) we’ve attended the after-conference sprints and … Continue reading

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PyCharm 1.5 Released! Documentation, SQL/Database, Django templates debugging and more

PyCharm 1.5 final release is now available for download. It’s been an interesting version to work on. We’ve added a number of useful features that should make you more productive and your code better. Here are the main new features … Continue reading

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PyCharm 1.5 Release Candidate

Hey, the summer is here! But before we can take a pause and enjoy some outdoor time, we have PyCharm 1.5 to finish. And it seems we are pretty ready for the release, so today’s build is assigned a ‘Release … Continue reading

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Easter Sale from JetBrains

To make sure you don’t waste any time hunting around for the best tools, JetBrains has an unbeatable offer for you this Easter! From April 20 until April 30 you can get up to 50% OFF on your personal license … Continue reading

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PyCharm your Vim

Two observations after PyCon US: 1. Quite a surprise for us to find that so many Python developers use Vi/Vim for coding. 2. A big surprise for all Vim users to find that PyCharm provides an outstanding Vim emulation! Of … Continue reading

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PyCharm licenses: there’s one for everyone

With PyCharm 1.2 we’ve introduced a new license type: Academic license. And with 5 license types available at the moment we thought a short explanation of what is what might be useful. Commercial If you work for a company and … Continue reading

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PyCon wrap up: 10 free PyCharm license winners announced

So, PyCon US is over. It was great: fun and interesting. It was our first experience exhibiting at PyCon and we’ll positively do it again next year. There’s nothing like chatting face to face to potential users to find our … Continue reading

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