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Demo: UnrealHeaderTool Inspections in ReSharper C++ 2020.3

Working with Unreal Engine projects means working with the Unreal reflection system and the UnrealHeaderTool. Macros are used to mark types and type members as visible to Blueprints, replicated across servers, set metadata and more. ReSharper C++ (and soon the Rider for Unreal Engine preview) understands the Unreal macros, providing quick doc tooltips and completion. But mistakes in these macros are only discovered at compile time, when the build system runs the UnrealHeaderTool to parse the files.

ReSharper C++ 2020.3 EAP introduces support for running the UnrealHeaderTool on the file you’re currently editing, providing an in-editor linting experience for Unreal macros – ReSharper will show you warnings and errors as you type, reducing the time it takes to find and fix problems with your macros. Find out more in this video:

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