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Space Public Version

Today we’re announcing the general availability of Space – an all-in-one extensible team collaboration solution covering software development, project and team management, and communications.

Watch the recording of the Space Release Event

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Why Space?

Space is about unifying tooling and information across your organization, allowing for more effective collaboration amongst teams, and the company as a whole.

By providing a platform where team members can communicate, share information, and collaborate on projects, Space removes the silos that are often inherent to organizations. Whether it’s developers, designers, management, or any other type of role, Space allows for people to be more productive and open up their full potential.

Everything you need in a single toolset

Space integrates tools needed to support software development pipeline of any scale, including:

  • Source control hosting (Git).
  • Code review, including merge requests and quality gates.
  • Automation jobs for building and deploying applications.
  • Project management tools: checklists for planning, an issue tracker, and visual boards.
  • Package and container registries for publishing artifacts.

More importantly, Space combines these with organizational and communication tools, allowing for efficient collaboration. In particular, it provides:

  • Team Directory which manages the company’s organizational structure, handles vacations, absences, and locations amongst other things.
  • Communication and information sharing tools which include chats, blogs, and documents.
  • Meeting management, personal calendars, and To-Do lists for task management.

Maximize value. Minimize distractions.

By having much of the data in a single tool, Space can leverage it to provide many possibilities, such as unifying all types of notifications into a single stream, minimizing interruptions while people are busy, and preventing the assignment of tasks to absent team members.

Combining the functionality of a whole suite of tools into one application lowers up-front and maintenance costs, and reduces the indirect costs by minimizing efforts required to learn tools of a new team, as people move around within the organization.

Adapting to change

During 2020, JetBrains, along with millions of other companies worldwide, had to rapidly adapt to remote work. Having a single integrated environment for teamwork proved essential in making this happen in a timely manner.

In addition, Space is focused around the idea of being scalable as your organization grows. Built with a self-service philosophy, you can easily get started with Space with very little overhead. As your team and organization grows, Space scales to match your needs.

What our early adopters are saying

Space is already battle-proven. Since we launched the EAP program at KotlinConf in December 2019, around 25K organizations have joined Space. Our EAP customers have sent over 1.5 million messages, created 13K+ repositories, reported 38K+ issues, and opened 12K+ code reviews.

We want to say a huge thank you to our early adopters! They have made an enormous contribution to making Space what it is today.

Watch The Space Experience video and read the full case studies of Space customers:

Our team has done a terrific job this year implementing our vision of an integrated team environment.

Here are just a few of the features that we have delivered in 2020:

But enough talk, let’s see Space in action!

Space as a platform and partner ecosystem

Extensibility is an essential part of the Space vision. It has been designed as a platform from the ground up, both in terms of product extensibility and business opportunities. We are focused on providing a top-notch core platform and the possibility to customize and expand Space in many directions. Visit the Extensibility page for the details about the current extensibility options. For a high-level vision on why and how Space can be extended, please check out the Extensibility Manifesto.

We realize that every organization is unique and, as an extensible platform, Space has everything required to support various business processes and workflows. This opens up huge opportunities for our partners who can address their customer needs helping them use Space to its full potential. We have introduced three partner programs to cover most partnership business models: Channel Partnership, Service Partnership, and Technology Partnership.

If you’re interested in this business opportunity, please partner with us.

Future Plans

With the public release, we’ve placed a significant emphasis on supporting software development team workflows. But this is just the first step!

We plan to support more collaborative workflows for various sorts of teams, including design, marketing, sales, HR, and legal. Collaborative work on documents is central to many business teams. We’re planning to support the process of creating and managing specifications, functional requirements, campaigns, roadmaps, legal agreements with formal reviews, and more.

Our roadmap for 2021 includes:

  • An on-premises version, and a migration path from the Space cloud to on-premises. This means you can start testing the cloud version of Space now and make a seamless transition to on-premises later.
  • Localization, to make sure Space speaks your language.
  • Video calls, both built-in and using integrations with external tools.
  • Enhance, tune, and polish existing Space functionality.
  • More migration options and integrations, such as calendars integrated with Google Calendar and Outlook/Office365.
  • Continue to focus on integrating various parts of Space more closely, providing full synergy throughout the system, and integrations with external tools via applications.

Pricing and availability

Space is available now on a free plan with an unlimited number of users. Paid plans start from $8 per active user, per month. Check our Pricing page for more information on pricing and special pricing for educational institutions.

We’re grateful to all our early adopters, and we’re eager to make their transition process as smooth and comfortable as possible. All Space EAP and Beta customers can keep using their current plan, free of charge, for three more months.

Have questions?

We’re having an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit tomorrow, December 10, at 5 PM CET (11 AM EST). We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about the Space release. You’re welcome to post your questions right now.

Get started

You can start exploring Space for any kind of task (hosting of git repositories, tracking issues, managing teams, collaborating on documents, or simply chatting) without having to configure it for the whole organization. With a self-service approach, you can easily get started with your project and do anything in Space.

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We believe that every company deserves its own Space, which will grow, evolve, and adapt to their unique processes and workflows.

Welcome to Space!

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