Webinar: Working with TeamCity, YouTrack and an OSS Stack

On Tuesday I’ll be giving a webinar (in Spanish) on how to setup an environment with TeamCity, YouTrack and your favorite OSS tools and frameworks.


Things we’ll see:


TeamCity: Overview and benefits

YouTrack: Mouseless Web Issue Tracking

Introduction to Distributed Version Control Systems and benefits over Centralized

Creating Continuous Integration Processes with TeamCity and OSS stacks

Integration with Visual Studio and other IDE’s


The webinar will be roughly 2 hours and it will be mostly demo-centric.

It is a completely free event. If you’d like to attend, please register here

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  1. John says:

    Team City by default gets islnatled on on port 8111.You can either a) change the portb) Leave it on 8111 and allow 8111 through the AWS firewall.Open AWS. Goto Networking & SecurityClick on the security group for you server.In the bottom part of the screen, click the Inbound’ tab.Create a new rule: Custom TCP rulePort range 8111Source: (0 = everyone or if you have a static IP lock it down and put your static IP)Add RuleRemember to click Apply Rule Changes’ (I didn’t first time)Browse to :8111

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