YouTrack Hosted 3.0 – Free Use Until Fall’11

Great news just in the nick of time! YouTrack Hosted has successfully migrated to version 3.0 and is open for new registrations. Welcome to Youtrack 3.0 Hosted!

Enjoy all benefits of intelligent bug tracking without taking care of server administration and support. And even better – it’s free! We’ve extended a free beta period for YouTrack Hosted until Fall 2011.

Why should you try YouTrack 3.0 hosted?

First of all, signing up for a hosted YouTrack is the fastest and easiest way to try all the brand new features, and then decide whether to stick with the hosted service – or migrate to stand-alone, if you would like to keep control of your server in your own hands.

And finally, let me tell you what is so great about YouTrack 3.0!

Workflow management is definitely the greatest addition. Finally, YouTrack is able to fully cover all your issue tracking needs, even for the most complicated of processes or the largest of businesses. The problem is solved in a truly intelligent and ‘geeky’ way. You get a dedicated JetBrains style editor enhanced with auto-completion, suggestions, inspections and more, just like your favorite IDE, to create and edit your workflow rules using a custom-made domain-specific language. Please watch this short screencast to get an idea of how custom workflow works in YouTrack. Download YouTrack Workflow Editor and don’t hold yourself back from making your own rules.
There’s much more impressive stuff in the new YouTrack, including the set of issue attributes that can be customized just the way you want; JetBrains’ own database; mailbox integration to create issues right from email; ‘add watcher’ to subscribe other users to issue updates; applying issue commands right from VCS commit comment; import from any bug tracker and integration with GitHub. Please take a look at What’s New In YouTrack 3.0 to get a better overview of all the goodies now available in YouTrack Hosted as well. Get your YouTrack Hosted instance now and continue tracking with more pleasure than ever before!

JetBrains YouTrack Team

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