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Cross-project Agile Boards in YouTrack: The Best Recipes

Today we would like to tell you about cross-project Agile boards and monitoring your work progress in several projects through a sprint or any other iteration. General use case My team works on two projects simultaneously, and I want to … Continue reading

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Multi-Level Agile Boards or How We Support Epics

Update:Please check the updated tutorial about Agile Boards for Epics in YouTrack 7.0.   We get quite a few questions from our customers which can be summed up as “Does YouTrack support multi-level agile boards, and do you have epics?” The … Continue reading

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Using YouTrack 5.1 as Your Help Desk

Update: With the YouTrack 5.2 we introduced the enhanced Help Desk workflow that allows you to support multiple customers in a single ticket/issue. Please refer to the Helpdeskers, Support Multiple Customers in a Single YouTrack Thread blog post for the Help Desk … Continue reading

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Handling Email Feedback: YouTrack to the Rescue

Hello everyone! Thanks to our users, we receive lots of feedback every day. You post questions in our forum, create issues in our bug tracker, and, of course, you send us emails. If you get feedback emails on a regularly basis, … Continue reading

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YouTrack 2.0 RC3: Check Out the New EXE Distribution

We hoped that RC2 would become the final RC for the upcoming YouTrack 2.0. However, today we decided to publish the new Release Candidate 3, and for good reason. The main feature of this RC3 build is the brand new … Continue reading

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YouTrack 2.0 RC2: fixes plus sorting by custom fields

Just yesterday the first YouTrack 2.0 Release Candidate has gone public and yet here we are, with a fresh build! Thanks to our devoted users we discovered and resolved a number of bugs including a problem with submitting issues via … Continue reading

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Meet YouTrack Daring Release Candidate!

Today the upcoming YouTrack version gets another big step closer to you: please welcome YouTrack Daring Release Candidate! The RC build incorporates a number of recently fixed issues and enhancements compared to previous EAP builds. Check out the complete Release … Continue reading

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New YouTrack EAP build is available

Good news for YouTrack Daring EAP users: we have published a new build with a number of fixes and improvements. Check the complete Release notes and get the fresh build. As always, your feedback is highly appreciated! Track with pleasure, … Continue reading

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YouTrack Bookmarklet: one click to submit new issue

The upcoming version of YouTrack (aka YouTrack Daring) introduces the bookmarklet, a little tool for your browser to submit new issues with just one click. No need to open YouTrack to create an issue, no need to even switch between … Continue reading

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YouTrack news: new EAP build and feature freeze

Hello, everyone! Today we have two major news for you. First, we have published the new EAP build (build #664) for YouTrack Daring. You probably already know that if you follow us on twitter. What you don’t know yet is … Continue reading

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