The Freshest YouTrack 5.0.3 is Here

The latest YouTrack 5.0.3 is ready to be tried out by you. The release notes include many Agile board related fixes. With YouTrack 5 we introduced brand new Agile experience. With the latest YouTrack 5.0.3 you can enjoy even more stable and faster work with enhanced Agile board.

Download YouTrack 5.0.3 or sign up for YouTrack InCloud. Existing YouTrack InCloud sites will be updated according to our Events and Maintenance Calendar

Keep Agile and track it softly with YouTrack 5 codenamed “Gentle”
JetBrains YouTrack Team

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YouTrack 5.0.2 Is Out!

The latest YouTrack 5.0.2 is available for download. This minor update delivers numerous useful bug fixes, as well as couple of new features.

Please welcome all the new fixes and small features. Newest YouTrack 5.0.2 brings:

the latest YouTrack 5.0.2 or sign up for YouTrack InCloud in no time to enjoy the latest YouTrack!

If you are already using YouTrack InCloud, your site is already updated to the newest 5.0.2 version, according to our Events & Maintenance Calendar.

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Feel The Power of The Workflows

Enrich your processes – take full advantage of YouTrack’s customizable workflows

Workflow system
As you know, YouTrack comes with default built-in workflows, which can be attached from the Workflow tab in Administration > Project.

Some YouTrack customers go further and program their own simple workflows, for example to display a “Forbidden!” message when a user attempts to reopen a resolved task. That’s a good start.

Some develop more complicated rules, state machines, create sets of protected stateless rules, or send notifications by schedule. That’s excellent!

Very few, however, program workflows to appoint duties per weekdays, perform morphological analysis on issue summary/description, build smart reports, manage product release lifecycle, or smartly handle incoming feedback (with mailbox integration).

Implementing such comprehensive workflows turns YouTrack into a truly fine-tuned, powerful tool. If you would like to learn more about these advanced YouTrack topics, please read this Workflow Language Reference.

Workflow language reference
Workflows are developed in a DSL (Domain-Specific Language) called “Workflow language” which is compiled to Javascript. Although all references, operators, keywords are available in the “Workflow Editor” (just press Ctrl+Space for autocompletion), we’ve decided to create a full featured reference that explains this language’s syntax and semantics.

Workflow Reference Quick Language

Learning language
The reference is divided to several chapters, each providing a set of samples. A novice should be able to create a “Hello world” workflow in 5 minutes tops. On the other hand, the examples we provide cover the entire workflow language functionality, so workflow gurus can use it as their main reference as well.

Examples increase in difficulty as you progress through the chapters.

There are short samples which quickly introduce you to basic workflow features. For instance, the following statement sets ‘Priority’ field to ‘Critical’:

{{ Priority = {Critical}; }}

There are advanced examples and unusual methods as well. For instance, this construction sends a notification email to members of the ‘QA Engineers’ group:

{{ {group: QA Engineers}.notifyAllUsers(“Test failed!”, “Please look at the failed test ” + getId()) }}

We designed the workflow reference to help YouTrack users learn the entire workflow language section-by-section.

Is there anything that workflow language doesn’t provide for?
The reference tells you what you can do using workflows, as well as what you cannot do.

You can define variables, work with predefined collections, string, dates, integer numbers, tags, comments, users, projects, fields, saved searches, etc.

But the workflow language does have its limitations: There are no classes, functions, closures, tuples, arrays, switches, try-catch, or annotations; types are inferred automatically; and there is no way to create new non-primitive objects and collections.

YouTrack 5.0
Workflow reference is finally up-to-date and includes brand new localization methods which is available starting with YouTrack 5.0. Get the latest Workflow Editor 5.0 right now and try all the new yourself!

Feel The Power of The Workflows!
JetBrains YouTrack Team

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YouTrack 5.0.1 is Out: The hottest bug fixes for the latest version

We are ready to introduce the latest update for your favorite agile issue tracker.

YouTrack 5.0.1

YouTrack 5.0.1 is available now. This minor update includes a set of very important fixes and performance improvements. Please check the full list of fixes. You are highly welcome to grab the YouTrack 5.0.1, either by downloading the latest build or by signing up for YouTrack InCloud, hosted in the cloud by us. If you are already using YouTrack InCloud, your site will be updated to 5.0.1 according to our Maintenance Calendar.

While further fixes are on their way, your feedback on new features is highly appreciated. Please help us make YouTrack v.5 better.

Keep calm and track it soflty with YouTrack 5 codenamed “Gentle”!
JetBrains YouTrack Team

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YouTrack 5.0: Your Language. Your Agile. Your Rules.

YouTrack 5.0

Where do you begin the story of YouTrack 5.0?

YouTrack 5.0 codenamed ‘Gentle’ is designed to answer all the tough questions you’ve asked us. And now it can hold a conversation in your language!

Salut! Hallo! Привет! Hola!

Let’s start with the most wanted feature in YouTrack ever: now it speaks German, French, and Russian, and Spanish, with more languages coming with further releases.

To change system language in YouTrack, please go to Administration > Settings (you need administrator rights to do this) and choose from four currently available languages (in addition to English of course):

Salut! Hallo! Привет! Hola!

What’s more, if your language isn’t available yet, you can translate YouTrack on your own. Or, you could create a personal YouTrack with your own slang, if you like. Check out the How to Translate YouTrack UI guide.

Redesigned UI: New look, same soul

YouTrack strikes a brilliant balance between form and substance. Clear and detailed, issues management is now faster, easier and cooler. We’ve redesigned the Full Issue, Create Issue and Edit Issue screens with a new look-and-feel that will help you manage issues with more fun and speed.

The key enhancements and major changes include:

  • Unified design and layouts for Full Issue, Edit Issue and Create Issue screens: same places for fields everywhere
  • Field labels are permanently visible now
  • Attaching files from the system is faster and more fun: simply drag them to the Create Issue or Edit Issue screen
  • Generate an issue template URL and send it to your customer or collaborator. You also can use this URL for yourself for reporting further issues
  • Clear but still detailed comments view
  • Updated design for menu items
  • Restyled Edit Issue and Delete Issue icons

Full Screen Issue

Ultimate Agile Experience
Many significant Agile board improvements are waiting to be enjoyed. Please take them for a spin and get the most out of your new Agile project tracking.

Key improvements:

  • Cross-project Agile board
  • Entirely new Backlog management
  • Board based on search query
  • Board visibility settings
  • Multiple boards
  • Swimlanes based on attributes
  • Column visibility
  • Personal Agile
  • Restyled cards

Agile Board

Darcula TV look and feel
Many JetBrains products have adopted the darker side, and now it has finally reached YouTrack as well.

If you apply Agile methodologies in your practices, you know that the hardest thing is to stay Agile. To cope with this, your board should be visible as much as possible, especially during meetings, or maybe even permanently on a TV screen in your office. You can’t afford not to keep track of what’s going in your project.

This is why we’re making available a new Darcula-style view for the Agile board. Specifically designed for TV, it is highly visible from a distance and also very usable on a PC screen. Please welcome YouTrack Darcula TV style:


Explore the darker side to stay Agile!

Similar Issues
Say No to duplicates, thanks to the brand new Similar Issues tab next to the familiar ‘History’ and ‘Linked Issues’ tabs. Now while creating or editing an issue on the Full Issue screen, you can view a list of issues similar to the current one.

Similar Issues

Renewed Screenshot Tool

Meet the new Screenshot tool and will take more shots than ever before:

  • A completely new look and feel
  • Comments: Now you can add comments just in the screenshot itself
  • New highlight tool
  • Lines and straight lines: By holding CTRL you can easily draw straight lines

Screenshot Tool

Wiki Markup
In other enhancements, please welcome new wiki markup for visual descriptions and comments:

  • Insert HTML tags
  • Highlight YouTrack users by typing @ before their username
  • Set out long paragraphs with new list formatting
  • Find more available options in wiki markup help

Clone Issue
A rookie has joined the team of powerful YouTrack commands. From the very beginning YouTrack was a unique tracking tool because of its command language and full keyboard control. Now we are pleased to introduce a new command: Clone Issue. With this command you can clone one or multiple issues. Just start typing “clone” or open the command dialog to apply this new command to the issue!

Clone Issue

System-wide notification message
More customization possibilities for YouTrack administrators. Now you can show a system-wide message to all of your YouTrack site users to notify them about any site maintenance, last updates, recent events, or anything else you would like.

Database Performance
We’ve enhanced our database, designed internally by our engineers specially for YouTrack. It’s gotten faster, smarter and safer.

Check What’s New in YouTrack 5.0 for more juicy details. And if you are thirsty for even more details, check the full release notes.

Get YouTrack 5.0 right now and try all the new features yourself!

If you are using YouTrack InCloud, hosted in the cloud by us, your site will be upgraded to v5.0 according to our Events and Maintenance Calendar.

Keep calm and track it softly with YouTrack 5 codenamed “Gentle”
JetBrains Youtrack Team

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Restyled UI in YouTrack 5.0: New look, same soul

We are excited to introduce absolutely new YouTrack 5.0 look & feel. We put a lot of hard work into it, to help you enjoy just the right balance between powerful functionality and a lightweight UI. Learn about the key enhancements and the main advantages of the new UI. Very soon you will start managing issues easier, faster and with more pleasure with YouTrack 5.0, where form and substance both matter.

Please welcome YouTrack 5.0 UI personalities:

Sergei Ilin
Sergei Ilin, @iSerge, Lead Graphic Designer, JetBrains

Artem Tiunov
Artem Tiunov, @artemtiunov, UI/UX Designer, JetBrains

Alexander Anisimov
Alexander Anisimov, Front-End Developer, JetBrains

General UI improvements

New menu
First of all, look at the new menu with updated components and you’ll notice that we’ve totally restyled buttons and links. For your convenience, there are no more toggle buttons. Just use the Create Issue button and follow the links to your Issue lists, Agile Board and Reports.
Menu Components

More visibility and unified views
There are many general design improvements for a more intuitive feel about YouTrack 5.0. The new UI makes links and icons more visible, as well as letting you hover the mouse over them with an increased mouseover area. We played with the colors and made the active elements orange (one of our primary colors at JetBrains). Check this out in the new YouTrack 5.0!

We’ve also improved visibility for all the fields on the Create/Edit Issue screens, and unified all the views. Now everything is in the same place on each screen. The issue list now features simplified checkboxes and icons, updated to help you work with issues with more fun.

Comment system
If you’ve ever submitted comments to YouTrack, you’ll see the difference now, as we’ve redesigned the comment system substantially. The new comments view is clear but still detailed, and instead of old-style links you will find new edit/delete icons.

Full Screen Issue

The highlights of the new look & feel in YouTrack 5.0 include the new Full Issue screen the and Create/Edit Issue screen. Take a look at the new Full Issue screen: we have redesigned the visible area and the key issue details to put them on the left side, while the secondary details are now on the right. Focus on important things first, right?

Issue change-over
There are more UI features in here. Look in the upper right-hand area above the issue details and you’ll see a new way to jump up and down to other issues within the selected YouTrack project. In the Full Issue screen, field labels are now visible permanently for your convenience.

Just look through your issues in the full screen to feel the difference.
Full Screen Issue

Create Issue & Edit Issue screen

Similar issues
The Create Issue and Edit Issue screens have also been redefined. Next to the familiar History and Linked Issues tabs, you’ll notice a brand new tab called Similar Issues. Its purpose it to help you find issues that are similar to the selected one. How does it work? Just start editing the issue description or summary, and the list will refresh to show you the most relevant existing issues. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can always hide or show the similar issues block on the Edit Issue and Create Issue screens.

Obviously, this tab will of great benefit especially in large teams, as it helps you eliminate duplicates in your project. Users will see right away if a similar issue has already been reported. Another advantage of this new tab is that you can easily link relevant issues with one click. Stay tuned for more details on this feature in a later post.
Create Issue Screen

Issue template generator
This is another new feature that allows you to generate an issue template URL to share with your customers or collaborators, available in both Create Issue & Edit Issue screens. It will help you save time on repeated actions, and instead to focus on what’s really important. Try it once and you’ll use it regularly.

File attachments
Want to attach a file or picture to your issue? Now attaching files from the system is faster and more fun: simply drag them to the Create Issue or Edit Issue screen and voila!. Check it out for yourself.

Agile Board
Your favorite Agile Board has undergone some changes as well in YouTrack 5.0. Please welcome these improvements.
Agile Board

New cards
We totally redesigned the cards by putting them on white background. There are new headers on the cards which are colored in line with issue status (Normal, Major, Critical), to help you see right away what’s going on in your project or swimlane. You will also notice new edit icons in different places in the new YouTrack 5.0.

Time estimates
Time is money, so we’ve added estimates everywhere – on cards, columns, swimlanes and projects. If you value your time as much as we do at JetBrains, you’ll find this very useful.

We’ve also introduced tags for Agile Board cards, to help you work with huge volumes of issues. Tags give you more insight into what cards are about in a glance.

Columns visibility
One more new feature worth mentioning is Columns Visibility. Now you can manage your columns and their visibility with pleasure just ticking off only those columns which you really need for your current work.

Just a reminder, there are major changes in the Agile Board functionality as well. We’ll cover those in another post very soon.

Darcula look and feel
The Darcula theme was introduced in our other products last year and its TV version has now made its way into the Agile board in YouTrack. Do give it a try! What’s the benefit? Specifically designed for TV, it is highly visible from a distance, while also being very usable on a PC screen. Come over to the darker side of Agile to help control your Agile processes.
Darcula TV Scheme

Please tell us what you think about the new YouTrack 5.0 look & feel. You can easily do it via these channels:

Share your feedback with us and help us make YouTrack even better together.

Keep tracking with style with YouTrack 5,
JetBrains Team

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YouTrack 5.0 Release Candidate is Available. Be the first to try it out!

Attention! Achtung! Внимание! Consideración!

If you want to be the first to try YouTrack 5 codenamed “Gentle”, we’ve got a Release Candidate ready. Grab it while it’s hot!

What should you try in YouTrack 5?


We did it! Most voted feature in YouTrack ever is here. Change the UI language on the Administration > Settings tab to explore YouTrack in French, German, Russian or Spanish:
Change Language

Awesome Agile Project Management
We prepared numerous enhancements for our Agile project tracking. Try them all:

  • Create a common board for multiple projects
  • Narrow down the issues on the board using search queries
  • Share the board with the team or keep it just for yourself
  • Set attributes as swimlanes
  • Drag the subtasks directly to the board from the new tree-like backlog
  • Keep as many boards as you need
  • Enjoy a fresh look and feel for cards

Enhanced Agile Board

Restyled UI
Clear and fresh, the redesigned UI lets you track your issues more efficiently and cooler than ever before.
Create Issue Screen

Other great features you don’t want to miss:

  • Sharp-looking Darcula TV theme for Agile board
  • Similar issues tab to avoid duplicates
  • Wiki Markup now supports HTML tags and mentioning users
  • New ‘Clone issue’ command
  • Renewed Screenshot tool

If you like, dig deeper into details with YouTrack 5.0 RC release notes. Download the latest RC (#7165) from the EAP page or play with one of these InCloud EAP instances in your language:

Also, we have updated the biggest YouTrack Installation on JetBrains issue tracker production. This means that the final release of YouTrack 5.0 is just around the corner. Stay tuned these few days before the release and please share all your feedback with us.

Keep calm and track it softly with YouTrack 5 codenamed “Gentle”
JetBrains Youtrack Team

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Similar Issues in YouTrack 5.0: Just Avoid Duplicates

Please welcome a brand new YouTrack 5.0 feature called Similar Issues. Today we’ll give you more reasons to check the latest YouTrack 5.0 EAP if you haven’t tried it already!

Similar Issues gives you all the relevant issues based on issue summary and description found across all the projects. It is available whenever you create a new issue, edit an issue or simply browse the FIS (full issue screen).

How does it work?

As soon as you start entering a new issue summary or description, YouTrack starts searching for similar issues, using the same powerful text search available across the system. YouTrack offers similar issues based on matches in the summary and description in all the projects. It sorts the results by relevance, assigning more relevance to issues in the same project.

How can Similar Issues help you in your tracking process?

First, your external reporters will create fewer duplicates. Seeing existing similar issues right on the new issue form, as they enter a new issue summary and description, will save their time and effort as well as yours.

Second, it can help your internal users to process issues, by showing relevant issues on a brand new tab on the FIS (full issue screen) called Similar issues. Now you don’t need to search for a similar feature request or bug already reported in the system. Simply open the Similar Issues tab and link the relevant issues in any way you need.

By the way, when you edit issue summary or description, Similar Issues are automatically recalculated after the changes are submitted. This way you get even more relevant similar issues based on the latest information.

Similar Issues are ready to go and already included in the latest YouTrack 5.0 EAP build. We hope this cool feature will help you enjoy issue tracking even more, and prevent your users from creating hundreds of duplicates, thus keeping your tracker clean(er).

Your feedback is highly appreciated!

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YouTrack 4.2.4 is Out!

Hooray! An important Show-Stopper related to TeamCity 8.0 integration is fixed. From now on value in “Fixed in build” field will be set in YouTrack even with latest TeamCity 8.0. Numerous database improvements make YouTrack faster and more stable.

Download YouTrack 4.2.4 or sign up for the newest YouTrack InCloud. Existing YouTrack InCloud sites will be updated to the latest version on Monday, July 1, according to our Events and Maintenance Calendar

Keep tracking with pleasure!
YouTrack Team

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Hola! Updated YouTrack 5.0 EAP speaks Spanish

We are excited to introduce new YouTrack 5.0 EAP in Spanish. Enhanced Backlog and numerous fixes in new Agile board and others new features are also here.

YouTrack 5.0 EAP in Spanish

Enjoy new features in Spanish and share your feedback with us.

To try out YouTrack in Spanish and all the new features with the freshest fixes, download the freshest YouTrack 5.0 build from the Early Access Program.

If you use YouTrack InCloud, check out all the newest features in Spanish or any other available language. Please report issues with you comments directly in these instances. We’ve created YouTrack 5.0 InCloud EAP instances specifically to gather your feedback:

Just create an issue there to tell us what you think.

Also, we will appreciate any and all feedback via these channels:

We’re working hard to make YouTrack 5.0 even better with your help.

Keep calm and track softly with this new EAP for YouTrack 5.0, codenamed ‘Gentle’
YouTrack Team

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