ReSharper Ultimate 2016.3 EAP 11

We’re nearing the end of the EAP cycle for ReSharper 2016.3. We’ve just released EAP 11, mostly focused on fixing bugs and stabilisation, and with only a couple of new features. Now is the time to try out ReSharper 2016.3, and let us know any issues you encounter.

ReSharper C++

While EAP 9 introduced support for Visual Studio 2017 RC, changes to the project model meant that C++ projects didn’t work. We’re pleased to say that EAP 11 addresses this, and C++ projects are working again. However, we currently require the Enable faster project load property to be turned OFF. Other than this, we’re not aware of any other show stopper issues with C++ support. If you do encounter any issues, please let us know.

This build also introduces a new context action to convert nested namespaces to the new C++17 nested namespace syntax. Note that this requires setting  /std:c++latest in the C/C++ | Command Line | Additional Options section of project properties.

Convert to nested namespaces context action


Aside from various bug fixes and stabilisation, the biggest change of note in ReSharper itself is the support for extra file formats in our super fast Go to Text feature. On top of existing file types, we now support finding text in .less, .hbs, .coffee, .scss, .dart, .as and .styl files.

Download ReSharper Ultimate 2016.3 EAP

Please download the latest ReSharper 2016.3 EAP build and try it with your projects. If you come across any issues, please let us know in issue trackers of ReSharper and ReSharper C++.

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8 Responses to ReSharper Ultimate 2016.3 EAP 11

  1. Smad says:

    “Show coverage for selected test” still doesn’t work

    • smad says:

      Partially fixed in RC(EAP 12), but if “Show coverage for selected test” is enabled and i broke this test it still will be showing me green lines.

      Will new resharper 2016.3 be working with old dotcover 2016.2.2?

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  3. Ben says:

    When is the EAP going to support more of the C# 7 features ?

    Switching on types and deconstruction statements both produce syntax errors; I’ve had to turn off code analysis to be able to use the EAP in VS2017.

    • Matt Ellis says:

      We’re currently working on functionality for new C# 7 features, but we don’t yet have support for all of the new features (such as deconstruction, value tasks and ref-returns). We’ll have more comprehensive support in the first release of next year, 2017.1 , closer to when VS2017 RTMs and the C# 7 design is finalised.

  4. Steve says:

    What time to release visual studio 2017 RTM?

    • Matt Ellis says:

      Microsoft haven’t announced any release dates for VS2017 yet. We’ll be aiming to ship a version of ReSharper that supports VS2017 on the same date, or as near as possible.

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