Rider 2018.1 is released!

Please welcome the new spring release of Rider!

Our team has worked hard to make your experience with Rider even smoother and more enjoyable. Download JetBrains Rider 2018.1, or read on for release highlights.
Download JetBrains Rider 2018.1

  • Roslyn analyzers: in addition to Rider’s own 2400 code inspections to help you detect errors and code smells in all supported languages, Rider now detects Roslyn analyzers and highlights them in the code editor.
  • Entity Framework support: enable, add and get migrations, and update database with UI-based Entity Framework 6.x support in .NET Framework projects.
  • Deeper integration with Unity: this update takes Unity integration to a whole new level. Now you don’t even have to leave Rider to control Play mode, explore Unity logs, or run Unity-specific tests.
  • XAML preview: WPF application developers can now preview UI as they make changes to XAML code.
  • Memory view in debugger: Rider allows you to look under the hood of any application and explore the managed heap while debugging.
  • Exception pop-up, which shows summary of exceptions that occur while debugging and allows you to quickly navigate through the highlighted stack traces.
  • Even more debugger improvements including Smart Step combined with Jump to Statement, symbol server support, Attach UI that contains process info and suggests elevating permissions if necessary, faster attaching to local processes, and more.
  • NuGet updates: improved support for authenticating against private NuGet feeds in several ways, and initial support for bulk operations.
  • JetBrains redistributable of MSBuild to develop and build full .NET Framework applications without a Visual Studio or Visual Studio Build Tools installation on Windows.
  • Better understanding of projects and solutions: full support for Web References and Web Site projects, and more.
  • F# support brings file ordering and improves F# scripting in many ways, including code completion, highlighting and navigation.
  • Changes from ReSharper 2018.1: full understanding of C# 7.2 and improved support for previous C# versions, inspections and quick-fixes for formatting problems.
  • More frontend features: support for the latest TypeScript 2.7 features, handy updates for configuring package managers, improved Rename refactoring, better navigation in HTML files, and refined code completion.
  • Changes from IntelliJ IDEA 2018.1: support for multiple Docker Compose files, regex replacement preview in the Replace in Path dialog, a new lightweight documentation popup, and more.
  • VCS improvements: partial Git commits, new Group by icon to group local changes, and more.
  • More changes: a new MSTest setting dialog and customization settings for C# Interactive, Ideolog plugin available for download from the IDE, and more.

Download Rider 2018.1

If you have an active subscription to Rider, ReSharper Ultimate + Rider, or the All Products Pack, feel free to upgrade to Rider 2018.1 right away. If you don’t, here is a free 30-day trial to check it out!

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21 Responses to Rider 2018.1 is released!

  1. Andre Loker says:

    With dotnet SDK 2.1.104, Rider does not recognize any analyzers. Switching back to SDK 2.1.103 (using global.json), the analyzers are recognized again.

  2. Oddbjørn Bakke says:

    I get an error when trying to update Rider:
    Failed to prepare an update: Cannot download ‘https://download.jetbrains.com/rider/RD-173.3994.2442-181.4379.1191-patch-win.jar’: Status: 403

    Nice, seems like Heap Allocation Viewer is updated for this version. This sadly is does not seem to work with R# 2018.1 in VS yet.

  3. Peter says:

    https://www.jetbrains.com/rider/whatsnew/ has no info about 2018.1. The latest version listed there is 2017.3.

  4. Denis Marinov says:

    Hi, I’m getting this error “Could not load file or assembly ‘Newtonsoft.Json, Version=” while running ASP.NET MVC project. Using the latest NET.Framework 4.7.1 and Newtonsoft.Json 11.0.2 in Rider 2018.1. What’s the fix for this issue? Thank you in advance!

  5. Matthew says:

    Does this handle asp.net core 2.1 preview2 reasonably well?

  6. These new integration between Unity and Rider is soooooooo great!

    Thank you so much!

  7. Rijad says:

    You are doing amazing work guys! Please continue improving Rider and please make the Xamarin integration and development better too!

    Hopefully I can ditch VS soon!

    • Heath says:

      So close, there are couple of outlying features that keep me running VS 2017 once or twice a day, but for the most part I’m using rider.

      Give me code coverage JetBrains!

  8. Peter says:

    This new release is not working for me at all. I get “cannot resolve symbol” on almost everything. Especially on stuff that is in the same file. I’m installing 2017.3.1 again.

    • Ekaterina Zharova says:

      Hi Peter,

      This problem may be caused by broken cashes. Please use this path to clean them up: File | Invalidate caches/restart. If it wouldn’t help, please try to change the version of MSBuild: File | Settings | Build, Execution, Deployment | Toolset and Build. In the case, all these manipulations wouldn’t help, please provide more information about your project, it will help us to investigate the problem.

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  10. Daniel says:

    I started using Rider in order to evaluate it, because I’m fed up with VS 2017.
    And I discovered that is not possible to pause the evaluation, like for Resharper.
    If not possible, maybe you shouldn’t count the saturdays and sundays during the evaluation. It would mean some 6-8 days available for evaluation.

    I’ll be back with more feedback about my experience with Rider.

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