Rider 2019.1 Has Arrived!

Daria Dovzhikova

Today we are thrilled to introduce this year’s first major update for Rider – please welcome Rider 2019.1!

Rider 2019.1 has arrived

With this release, Rider 2019.1 gets a new pack of features and improvements:

  • WinForms designer. The long-awaited WinForms designer helps you create, observe, and modify the UI of your Windows Forms application. In addition, there is a new Windows Form Application project template.WinForms designer in Rider 2019.1
  • Edit & Continue. Currently Windows only, this feature helps you apply changes to the source code while the application is halted on a breakpoint. On resuming, the changes will be automatically applied to the code.
  • Unit test coverage and continuous testing for .NET Core comes to Linux and macOS. Please note that in 2019.1, coverage analysis of unit tests including continuous testing is available for .NET Core 2.0+ applications only.Code_coverage_on_mac
  • Xamarin support reaches new heights with Xcode integration: JetBrains Xamarin SDK lets you develop Xamarin on Windows/macOS without a Visual Studio installation. The new Android SDK wizard helps you manage all required SDKs for the Android development right from the Settings/Preferences dialog.
  • Web-related languages on Razor pages have been moved to the WebStorm engine. Enjoy Emmet support and advanced coding assistance for Angular, React, Vue.js, and Meteor right in your Razor views. In addition, Rider 2019.1 provides better support for TypeScript inside .vue files, improved support for ESLint and TSLint, and support for Less 3.0 features and Cucumber tests written in TypeScript.
  • Initial C# 8.0 support. Thanks to ReSharper, Rider 2019.1 supports new language features such as ranges and index from end expressions, null-coalescing assignment, switch expressions, tuple expression in a switch statement, static local functions, async streams, nullable reference types, recursive patterns, and using declarations.
  • Rename for F#-defined symbols now works across your entire solution. For the full list of changes in F# support in Rider 2019.1 please use this link.
  • Unit Testing support in Rider 2019.1 gets a performance boost and a smaller memory footprint.
  • Code Editor updates include an enhanced Parameter Info tooltip, intentions coming from WebStorm and DataGrip, and Structural navigation from ReSharper. The code formatter gets a new typing assist to unindent the code when you press Backspace, and an “Export settings to .editorconfig” button that lets you store code formatting settings in the EditorConfig file, so that you can share the same settings with colleagues who do not use Rider.
  • Database support: Greenplum, Vertica, Snowflake, and Apache Hive are now supported. Code completion supports combined statements for CREATE and DROP.
  • This release brings ReSharper’s IL (Intermediate Language) viewer tool window to Rider. The IL Viewer displays IL instructions for the class or method you currently have open in the editor and supports C#, VB.NET and F#.IL viewer in Rider 2019.1
  • Cross-platform performance profiling for Mono and Mono Unity applications. .NET Core applications support will come with future updates.
  • Unity support enhancements include: performance profiling for the Unity editor, improved indexing performance for Unity projects, initial ECS support, new code inspections, and one-click debugging of edit mode unit tests running in the Unity editor. Renaming a method or property used as a Unity event handler will now also rename usages inside text based scenes, assets, and prefabs.
  • IIS Express support for ASP.NET Core applications.
  • New native file dialogs on Windows.
  • Breadcrumbs now support C#, VB.NET, and F# files, helping you quickly understand where your cursor is with regard to the structure of the current document.
  • Support for publishing ASP.NET Classic web apps to local folders or via FTP.
  • A handy new navigation popup called ‘Recent Locations’.
  • Rider now supports Custom Themes.
  • Azure Plugin now supports running, debugging, and deploying Azure Functions. Rider can now also generate SQL Database firewall rules and connect to the database directly.

For the full list of features and improvements in Rider 2019.1, please see the What’s New page… or just download it and try.


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39 Responses to Rider 2019.1 Has Arrived!

  1. blackj0221 says:

    April 30, 2019

    Windows version’s new UI design is very awesome…It would be great if it would be applied to IntelliJ too

  2. forextor says:

    April 30, 2019

    This may sounds weird/out of place… but I am just trying to give feedback.

    All those features sounds good and dandy… but the only 1 reason why I am not switching is the look and feel. The dark theme is just… eeeww…. to say the least..

    I spent about a week tweaking it and forcing myself to like rider, but finally I gave up.

    I fell instantly in love with Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code dark theme…, no adjustment needed…, why can’t rider/intellij/webstorm the same? I suspect this is the limitation of the IDE codebase used by rider/intellij/webstorm.

    I challenge any of the readers here to say they actually LOVE the theme (dark theme or not)…, I suspect most people just put up with it.

    • Nikolai Damm says:

      April 30, 2019

      Challenge accepted! I like it alot actually. It looks great in mac osx. So here goes: I love it!

      You can always change the theme to something you find prettier, and it’s even better now with custom themes. If it is the large amount of features cramped into the IDE, i partly agree. At first that was quite overwhelming for me, but now that im used to it, it’s quite handy to have the tools readily available.

    • Neil Truick says:

      April 30, 2019

      Challenge accepted.

      I love the theme. The Visual Studio dark themes overemphasize the blues and whites, resulting in too high a contrast for my tastes. I use the Atom theme on VS Code for that reason. JetBrains’ Darcula theme is ideal for me…muted colors, broader range, and much easier on the eyes for long coding sessions.

      Again, just my opinion…you like what you like.

    • tehmantra says:

      April 30, 2019

      @forextor the new plugin system allows easier theming of the IDE, including popular dark themes like Material..
      I personally do love the Rider Light default theme, but I’m one of the few programmers who actually likes light themes!!

    • blackj0221 says:

      May 1, 2019

      I don’t know how people think of macOS or Linux versions, but I think new dark theme of Rider for Windows version is good. VS and VSCode dark theme are just ‘black’ so it bothers my eyes.

      • Morton says:

        May 1, 2019

        Mac user here, the dark theme in Rider is awesome, VSCode’s dark theme comes to a close second.

    • SocketByte says:

      May 1, 2019

      I think the new Rider Dark theme is actually perfect, as well as my friends so…

    • cocowalla says:

      May 1, 2019

      In earlier versions of Rider I wasn’t too impressed, but now theming support is better (so it will actually theme the solution explorer like the rest of the IDE, for example).

      I’m using the “Rider Dark” theme, along with the “Color IDE” plugin (not sure if this is still needed) and some tweaks to suit my taste and colour-blindness, and TBH it’s very close to how Visual Studio Code’s “Dark+” theme:


    • David says:

      May 1, 2019

      I like Darcula dark theme. I like it so much that I actually use the same theme in VS with R# and in VSCode.

    • Cord says:

      May 2, 2019

      There is a plugin to use the same colors as visual studio . Settings -> Plugins -> MarketPlace -> Visual Studio Code Dark Plus Theme

  3. darcula says:

    May 1, 2019

    @forextor Darcula theme seems fine to me. I can’t say I have any complaints with it. I also use dark theme in VS Code, Visual Studio and Chrome Debugger on a daily basis and Rider doesn’t stand out as being a problem compared to the others to me.

  4. Mikkel Hansen says:

    May 1, 2019

    Great update, good to see the WinForms designer finally. Our company has a lot of VB.NET forms and controls, so it is a requirement for full deployment for us that the designer supports these – is this on the roadmap for rider?

  5. Saxxon Fox says:

    May 1, 2019

    2019.1 is an outstanding release. Between the forms designer, side-by-side IL viewer and improved F# support, there’s so much for me to be excited about. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

  6. David says:

    May 1, 2019

    I have troubles with unit tests (MSTest). When I create a new test method, the runner will sometimes not recognize it and sometimes it would but it wouldn’t run the test. It says to rebuild the project but that doesn’t help. The only think that works is to restart RD. It is almost unusable to restart RD after every new unit test. This version of RD is unusable for test-driven development!

    Is this a known thing? Is fix/workaround available?


    PS: I have the same issue with the new version of R#. Both worked fine before the latest R# and RD update.

    • Maarten Balliauw says:

      May 2, 2019

      This is a known (fortunately) issue (unfortunately). We’ll be shipping a hotfix very soon!

    • Alexander Kurakin says:

      May 2, 2019

      It has been fixed in Rider 2019.1.1 hotfix update (in ReSharper Ultimate 2019.1.1 too). We are sorry for the inconvenience.

      • David says:

        May 2, 2019

        Thank you for a quick turn around on this issue. I appreciate your hard work.

  7. Jennifer Kuiper says:

    May 2, 2019

    Pitty that the forms designer is only available on the windows platform. I would love to use it on MacOS. I believed that Rider would be cross platform. By singling out some features for one specific platform, you are dispersing developers.

  8. Karolis says:

    May 2, 2019

    It’s a pity that promised[1] TFS integration performance issue[2] fix is still not here. I cannot fully move from VS to Rider and recommend it to my team when almost any TFS related action takes minimum 30 seconds on large codebase. And I know that the cause of this is known to Rider developer(s).

    [1] https://blog.jetbrains.com/dotnet/2019/02/12/keeping-track-issues-tasks-rider/#comment-548729
    [2] https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RIDER-8749

    • Ivan Migalev says:

      May 3, 2019

      That’s true, we’re aware of the many issues with TFS and are still working on them. Some first improvements have landed into 2019.1, and there’re much more to come.

      • Karolis says:

        May 3, 2019

        Thanks. I hope you put priorities right, because without this fix I (and many others) cannot use source control integration at all.

  9. Todd Hill says:

    May 3, 2019

    Why is a real title bar missing from Rider 2019.1? I do not care for the collapsed crammed approach and it is inconsistent with IntelliJ. Worse, there does not seem to be an option anywhere.

    • Alexander Kurakin says:

      May 6, 2019

      @Todd, please do a “double-Shift” or call “Ctrl+T” | type “registry” | Enter | then search for “win.frame.decoration” (just start typing), and disable it. That should return old UI back.

      • Todd Hill says:

        May 6, 2019

        Thanks for the reply.

        I discovered by loading the previous version’s settings the UI was changed to the “old” UI. Hope that didn’t mess anything up.

      • Semyon Vyskubov says:

        May 31, 2019

        I disabled settings synchronization repo and collapsed bar turned to the “old” one. Now I don’t have mentioned record in the registry.

        I also cannot enable embedded settings synchronization, IDE claims I still have repo assigned (but I don’t).

        “Reset to defaults” in registry unfortunately didn’t fixed anything.
        Is there any way to truely reset everything without reinstalling?

  10. Pissed OFF! says:

    May 3, 2019

    The UI changes SUCK; the window moves around on maximize/restore; no title bar SUCKS; WTF? Stop making Windows users suffer with Apple BULLSHIT. After years of paying for many subscriptions I’m getting serious about REMOVING JetBrains products from my development shop!!!

  11. Arsen says:

    May 8, 2019

    Hello! I am experiencing issue with the new version.

    JetBrains Rider 2019.1.1
    Build #RD-191.6733.985, built on May 1, 2019
    JRE: 1.8.0_202-release-1483-b49 amd64
    JVM: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM by JetBrains s.r.o
    Windows 10 10.0

    Sometimes rider doesn’t update code before run for WPF projects (Haven’t tried for other ones). Only solution rebuilding helps me.

    Can you please help me with it?

    • Maarten Balliauw says:

      May 9, 2019

      Do you have the Azure Plugin installed? IF so, can you check for plugin updates?
      Next, edit your run configuration and in the “Before build”, make sure there is a build project or build solution.

  12. Marcel Bradea says:

    May 15, 2019

    Wonderful release guys. Especially excited about finally bringing Edit & Continue to Rider / .NET Core.

    EXCEPT it seems to only work when running single solution “Edit and Continue is not available for multiple debugging sessions” – which unfortunately throws our whole cloud stack out of consideration.

    Any ETA/insight on when we can expect Edit & Continue to be supported for multiple debugging sessions?

    Great work guys.

  13. Thomas Glaser says:

    May 17, 2019

    This is great, any chance of getting Xamarin (development) support for Linux? I do like developing Xamarin apps, but all my personal devices have Linux installed.

  14. Dmitry says:

    May 22, 2019

    Why on all event definitions on aspx/ascx pages, e.g. OnClick=”Button_Save_Click” Rider 2019 gives warnings “Expression statement is not assignment or call” and “Unresolved variable or type Button_Save_Click”?
    It was no this way in Rider 2018.

  15. Carl says:

    June 17, 2019

    @Marcel Bradea has the same issue as me, I use compound projects and cannot use edit and continue because it is not supported… Is this something that is planned?

  16. Adonis says:

    June 27, 2019

    For some reason with 2019.1.2, C# 8 is loaded, but the IDE throws errors when I try to do a C# 8 pattern such as `using var reader = new StreamReader(file);`.

    .NET Framework 4.8 is also loaded.

    • Adonis says:

      June 27, 2019

      Nevermind, Just realized .NET 4.8 will not support these features.

  17. Ivan Montilla says:

    September 11, 2019

    Can I go back the WebStorm engine to ReSharper engine? I’m experimenting some issues with the new web editor engine like model type in razor page is not detected and not refactor, intelli-sense working bad with tag helpers, etc.

    Thank you..


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