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Rider for UE Public Preview Now Works With Unreal Engine 5

The Unreal Engine 5 Early Preview looks exciting, doesn’t it? We’re happy to help you to get the most out of it with Rider for Unreal Engine.

We spent the last few days after the announcement polishing our support and fixing various glitches here and there, and now we are happy to say:

Rider for UE is ready to help you create the best Unreal Engine 5 games!

Rider for UE5

Before we cover the key changes in more detail, we’d like to remind you that Rider for Unreal Engine Preview is now available on Windows and macOS! It also works natively with the .uproject model, which saves you time on generating additional project models. You can get access for free by just registering here:

There are still a few known issues with Unreal Engine 5:

  • Unreal Engine 5 bundles an old version of the RiderSourceCodeAccess plugin that doesn’t have support for macOS. In order to be able to select Rider for Unreal Engine as your IDE of choice on that platform, you’ll need to download the latest version from the trunk here and place it in {GameFolder}/Plugins/Developer/RiderSourceCodeAccess.
  • The RiderLink plugin doesn’t work if placed into the Engine. It should be placed into the Game only. Learn more about this plugin in our web help.
  • There are some false positive errors in .build.cs files when opening .uproject on macOS, which we plan to address later.

In addition to the UE5-related fixes, some other highlights of this build include:

  • UE project model:

    • We fixed the opening project from .uproject when there are several custom engines installed.
    • Some files previously missing in the solution view are now added; in particular, .xml, .java, .bat, .sh, .asm, .txt, and .md will be added to module projects, and a Resources folder will be added to the plugin projects.
    • Rider now only builds the plugins that are enabled in the project, and not all of them, when opening a project from .uproject (RIDER-62091).
  • UnrealHeaderTool integration, which enables many UE-specific code analysis checks right in your editor, now works on macOS (previously worked only on Windows).
  • Debugger-related fixes:

    • Debugging through a linked library has been fixed (RIDER-6330).
    • Fixed the debugger LLDB-based backend that consumed enormous amounts of memory in some cases.
    • Fixed the Sort Values Alphabetically debugger option to sort only top-level local variables and not change the order of the other fields.
  • Treat Unreal Engine symbols as a non-project option is no longer on by default. The Find in files action now searches through the engine even when there are results in the game project itself.


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