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Rider 2021.3 Roadmap

In this post, we’d like to share our plans for Rider 2021.3 and find out what we can do next to improve your development experience. Your feedback is always welcome!

The following is a list of our priorities for the 2021.3 release cycle. Note that these are features we’re working on – as opposed to features scheduled for delivery – and that some of these might be delayed until a later version. Remember to also check out our ReSharper 2021.3 roadmap, as some features will magically appear in Rider as well!

  • .NET 6 Support – Our plan is to invest significant time and effort in supporting the upcoming release of .NET 6. While development is possible for the .NET 6 Preview in some parts, it is yet to be completed until the final release is done. .NET 6 is the future of .NET, and we want to help developers get there.
  • C# 10 Support – This will be done as part of our ReSharper 2021.3 roadmap, but while you’re here: we will work on supporting all the new language features, including constant interpolated strings, record structs, list patterns, global using directives, file-scope namespaces, and many more!
  • Windows 11 and macOS Monterey – Like .NET itself, our operating systems are progressing to look more beautiful and be more accessible. We will work on Rider (and IntelliJ IDEA) to blend in nicely with your preferred future operating system.
  • Apple M1 Support – Apple’s M1 was a huge thing for some developers. We will be continuing our efforts to give you a consistent experience for this great new ARM-based chip. You can check out our latest Rider 2021.2 Apple Silicon edition already! Just note the list of known issues, and let us know if you experience any new ones.
  • Code With Me – Our solution for collaborative coding is still one of our top priorities for the next Rider release. As you may know, Rider already has a unique architecture that mixes the IntelliJ IDEA frontend with the ReSharper backend. Much of this adds to the complexity for the CWM team, but we are hoping to roll out a version of the plugin for Rider as soon as possible!
  • New Debugger UI – Our IntelliJ IDEA team is working on a new debugger UI, which Rider will inherit. No details for now, but we hope you’re excited to check this out as soon as it becomes available!
  • Multiple Startup Projects – Compound configurations are a great Rider feature (inherited from IntelliJ), but they are missing something important – the ability to run/debug different projects in parallel. We are investigating different options for our next release.
  • Problems View – We wrote about adopting the IntelliJ IDEA Problems View in our 2021.1 roadmap. Good news – this feature is merged and ready to go, and we are just about to polish the very last bits for Rider! You will get a chance to see it in the first EAP.
  • Debug Windows Docker Containers – For several years, Rider has allowed debugging ASP.NET Core projects inside Linux containers. We are looking forward to bringing you the same experience for Docker Windows containers with the first EAP release.
  • F# Support – After the debut of the let postfix template, we will try to add more of them to the list. We will also work to bring parameter info for curried functions and method applications without parentheses, as well as better code completion.
  • MAUI – Like most developers, we’ll keep a close eye on the development of Microsoft’s new cross-platform framework for mobile and desktop apps, paying special attention to what Rider can and should do to support it.
  • UWP Debugging – Another great feature that’s just waiting to be released in the first EAP! UWP projects will be able to run with the debugger attached from the very beginning, as opposed to having to attach it manually.
  • Unreal – Our dedicated IDE – Rider for Unreal Engine – has received absolutely great feedback so far and we will be moving forward wherever possible. One of the notable priorities is to improve Perforce support and provide a Linux version.
  • Unity – Rider’s great feature set for Unity will see various improvements, such as proper highlighting for conditionally defined code in package sources. We’ll see updates to USS/UXML with support for variables, the new TSS theme files, and checks to keep the UIElements schema files up to date. We’ll also be processing assets in packages to provide more Code Vision links and usages.

Please remember that this is only an excerpt of our plans and that, for various reasons, some parts might have to be postponed. We hope the roadmap has something interesting for you, too. Feel free to comment below, submit a new feature request in our issue tracker if we’ve missed something, or upvote any existing requests to let us know they are important to you. We’re looking forward to your feedback!

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