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.NET Annotated Monthly | October 2021

Did you know? The first person to write a program was Ada Lovelace, in 1843. Ada was an English mathematician and writer who worked on Charles Babbage’s machine, the “Analytical Engine”. She realized that computers have applications beyond mathematical calculations and thus became the first person to create an algorithm to put those non-mathematical applications to use. How amazed would Ada be if she were able to experience today’s computer programs?

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This Month’s Picks

Desktop apps, as well as mobile apps/websites are key types of software that help businesses run. Both Xamarin and MAUI are platforms that extend the .NET framework to provide languages, libraries, and tools for mobile and cross platform development.

Tips and Ticks when creating a Custom Control in Xamarin Forms. Part. 1 – Charlin Agramonte covers a few gems that help make Xamarin controls more robust.

Getting Device Information with Xamarin Essentials – Leomaris Reyes reviews a few basics of the DeviceInfo object to confirm information about a device.

Xamarin Forms Circular Activity Indicator For UWP – The progress indicator is a well needed utility for any UI developer’s toolbox. Ninaada Bellippad demonstrates how to create one for UWP.

How To Set up .NET MAUI on Windows – You gotta start somewhere. Claudio Bernasconi walks you through the setup steps to get MAUI up and running on your Windows machine.

Tutorials and articles

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Reuse is often the first thing on a developers’ mind. Sometimes, it’s even considered the most important thing despite the fact that we tend to forget that not all code should be reused. Here Andrew Stellman makes the case for single use code.

Interesting and cool stuff

  • 4 Team Effectiveness Models To Understand Your Team Better – The majority of professional developers work on teams, even if they are small. Independent consultants often take projects as part of a team. But do we ever think about what being part of a team means? Do we understand it? Learn about these important facets of teams by Deanna deBara.
  • Fantastic terminal programs and how to quit them – This wonderfully satirical piece by Zheng Tao is fun to read.
  • How Medical Companies are Innovating through Agile Practices – One great way to gain perspective and skills is through examining software by those industries that you have no experience in. You will find certain practices or techniques apply across industries. So broaden your horizons with this article by Nancy Van Schooenderwoert & Brian Shoemaker about Agile in medical software.

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