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ReSharper 2022.3 Early Access Program Is Open!

Hello everyone,

The Early Access Program for ReSharper 2022.3 has started! Before you download the first EAP build, let’s take a look at what it has in store for you.

C# support

With this first EAP build, we are introducing a couple of changes to the support for language injections:

  • Language injections now work inside C# 11 raw string literals.
  • ReSharper supports the [StringSyntax] attribute from .NET 7, along with its different syntaxes for language injection and code completion.

We’ve also implemented new suggestions that encourage you to use C# 11’s unsigned right shift (>>>) operator (RSRP-489309) and to use pattern matching instead of Span.SequenceEqual("literal") (RSRP-489310).

C++ support

ReSharper C++ opens its EAP with improvements for C++ support, including the display of parameter info and inlay hints for forwarding object construction functions, along with support for #pragma pack.

This build also brings options for managing the spaces before and after ellipses (…) in parameter packs, as well as additional formatting options for blank lines. For more details, please see this dedicated blog post.

Unreal Engine

In game projects, ReSharper will no longer suggest unwanted entities from system headers in auto-import completion. You can opt-out of this feature in Options (ReSharper | Options | Code Editing | C++ | Unreal Engine | Suggest system headers in import completion inside game projects).

If you are interested in the complete lists of issues we’ve addressed in the first EAP build, follow these links:

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