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Join us for JetBrains .NET Days + GameDev Day Online 2022

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Good news everyone! We invite you to join JetBrains .NET Days + GameDev Day Online 2022, two virtual events taking place Tuesday to Thursday, October 25–27, 2022. Let us know if you can make it!


Once a year, we invite community speakers to cover topics they are passionate about. The topics include C#, F#, ASP.NET, Blazor, REST, GraphQL, gRPC, stories about contributing to open-source packages, and building microservices. On top of that, we’ll discuss algorithm performance and background tasks in .NET.

In addition to two days full of .NET-related content, this year we also prepared a third day, completely devoted to game development with a focus on Unity and Unreal Engine. We invited six experts from various areas to handle talks and discussions, and share pro tips on how to craft the best games. We’ll cover aspects of performance, UI, and developer habits.

JetBrains .NET Days + GameDev Day Online 2022


October 25, Tuesday – .NET Days

  • Maximizing Algorithm Performance in .NET: Levenshtein Distance, by James Turner.
  • Let’s Build an Incremental Source Generator With Roslyn, by Stefan Pölz.
  • Remote Pairing, by Alain King and Lorraine Steyn.
  • ASP.NET Basics for Experts, by Layla Porter.
  • Developing Reusable Components for Blazor WASM, by Emanuele Bartolesi.
  • Next-Level Console Apps With Spectre.Console, by João Antunes.
  • Performance Tricks I Learned From Contributing to Open-Source .NET Packages, by Daniel Marbach.
  • Building Microservices With Dapr and .NET, by Cecil Phillip.

October 26, Wednesday – .NET Days

  • How to Build a Cloud Native Application With .NET and AWS, by François Bouteruche.
  • REST, GraphQL, and gRPC: A Comparison, by Poornima Nayar.
  • Message Processing Failed! But What’s the Root Cause? by Laila Bougria.
  • Chaos Engineering: Unleash the Monkeys, by Jacob Duijzer.
  • Reducing the Environmental Footprint in Nautical Transport With F# & Serverless, by Roman Provazník.
  • F# for Performance-Critical Code, by Matthew Crews.
  • The Background on Background Tasks in .NET 6, by Scott Sauber.

October 27, Thursday – GameDev Day

  • Five Game Developer Habits That Help Software Engineers Reach the Next Level! by Alexander Chatzizacharias and Erik Pronk.
  • Making Plugins for Game Engines as a Business, by Alexander Pirogov and Victor Careil.
  • Unreal Engine Game Optimization on a Budget, by Tom Looman.
  • Unity Packages: From WTF to FTW With Needle Tools, by Felix Herbst.
  • Making UIs With C++ in Unreal Engine, by Ben UI.

You can choose whether to attend just a few individual sessions or watch every one of them. Enjoy, and don’t forget to ask the speakers questions!

We’ll stream the presentations live on YouTube, and all the sessions will remain available after the event is over so you can catch up on any you missed.

We also invite other community partners to support our event. You can find more information on how to join as a partner here. This year’s event is supported by the .NET Foundation.

You can also watch videos from the previous years – see the session recordings from 2021, 2020, and 2019.

Check out the full agenda here. See you in October?

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