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ReSharper 2023.1 Goes Beta

The next major release for ReSharper and the JetBrains .NET tools is still a few days away, but you can already get a preview of the features and improvements in store by downloading the 2023.1 Beta build

Let’s take a look at what’s included in the final feature set.

ReSharper 2023.1 Beta

  • New C# inspections to reduce the number of lookups in collections.
  • More adjustable ways to introduce null checks in your C# code.
  • The Extract common property pattern inspection and quick-fix.
  • The Remove empty regions inspection and quick-fix.
  • Reworked update dialog.
  • New Reformat inactive preprocessor branches task for Code Cleanup.
  • Text filters for unit test trees.
  • Project rename refactoring.
  • Easy plugin migration.
  • Many smaller improvements and fixes.

ReSharper C++ 2023.1 Beta

  • Call tracking.
  • Macro substitution preview.
  • Updates for C++20 modules and support for __VA_OPT__ .
  • Support for the first batch of C++23 features.
  • File templates to quickly create Unreal Engine tests.
  • Context actions for refactorings.
  • New inspections for potential code smells.

dotTrace 2023.1 Beta

The standalone version of dotTrace is now available on Linux and macOS.

dotCover 2023.1 Beta

It’s now possible to trigger Continuous Testing directly by applying a shortcut. 

dotPeek 2023.1 Beta

The 2023.1 version of dotPeek will contain numerous improvements to the IL Viewer tool window and the decompiler. 

For detailed information on the features, improvements, and fixes that will be included in the upcoming major release, please have a look at previous EAP posts for ReSharper and ReSharper C++

If you have any feedback or encounter any issues, please let us know in our issue tracker and stay tuned for the release announcement.

Happy developing!

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