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LightEdit Mode

What is LightEdit Mode? As we talked about in an earlier blog post, LightEdit mode lets you use IntelliJ IDEA’s text editing features without creating or opening a dedicated project. In LightEdit mode, a file is opened in a separate … Continue reading

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Package Search on the Web

After half a year of fruitful work since the first Package Search announcement, we are pleased to share another dose of information about this project. The current release introduces various plugin updates, a brand new website search application, and backend … Continue reading

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Java 14 and IntelliJ IDEA

Java 14 packs a lot of Java language features for you. It includes Records and Pattern Matching for instanceof as preview language features, and Text Blocks in the second preview. It also adds Switch Expressions as a Standard language Feature. … Continue reading

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Profiling Tools and IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate

IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate has out of the box support for profiling your applications using multiple Profilers. Now you can profile your application and analyze the results, without leaving your IDE. By profiling your application, you can discover the methods that … Continue reading

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Integrating Java Dataflow Analysis and the Debugger

We have Java Dataflow Analysis (DFA), which is able to derive facts about your program: possible exceptions, conditions that are always true/always false, and more. It performs an abstract interpretation of the source code, allowing it to gather information about … Continue reading

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IntelliJ-based IDE Features Roadmap for 2020

This is the second part of the roadmap of IntelliJ IDEA and IntelliJ-based IDEs for 2020. The first part of the roadmap was focused mostly on low-level features in the platform. In this post we’ll be talking about higher-level features, … Continue reading

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IntelliJ Platform Roadmap for 2020

We’d like to unveil some of our current efforts to improve IntelliJ IDEA and the other IDEs based on the IntelliJ Platform. The results of these efforts are going to be released over the next year, some as soon as … Continue reading

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Java 13 and IntelliJ IDEA

With Text Blocks, Java 13 is making it easier for you to work with multi-line String values. You would no longer need concatenation operators or escape sequences for your HTML, XML, JSON, or SQL queries, stored as String values. Java … Continue reading

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Introducing Package Search EAP

We’re happy to announce a new plugin for IntelliJ IDEA that will provide you a better experience when it comes to finding and managing dependencies in your JVM projects. And if you’re a Kotlin developer, you’ll be getting an additional … Continue reading

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Services tool window: One place to rule them all

As you are developing your awesome software, you probably need to create a bunch of run/debug configurations, including some for application servers. You also might need several Docker containers to test your code in various environments, maybe a container with … Continue reading

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