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Webinar Recording: “Putting Type Hints to Work” with Daniel Pyrathon

Tuesday’s “Putting Type Hints to Work” webinar with Daniel Pyrathon went very, very well. Daniel covered a difficult topic, starting with a small bit of code and gradually introducing type hinting to cover real-world coding scenarios. And lots of good … Continue reading

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Webinar Recording: “GraphQL in the Python World” with Nafiul Islam

Yesterday’s webinar on GraphQL was a hit: one of our highest-registrations ever, and Nafiul Islam gave a thorough introduction with live coding and answering a big list of audience questions: Specifically, Nafiul covered: An explanation of GraphQL Usage of the … Continue reading

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Webinar Recording: Visual Testing with Kenneth Love

Last week we had a wonderful webinar on visual testing with Kenneth Love, Python teacher and speaker extraordinaire. The recording is now available: During the webinar, Kenneth covered quite a bit of material: Start with a game in a Python … Continue reading

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Develop Django Under the Debugger

PyCharm Professional has long had great support for developing Django applications, including a run configuration tailored to the Django server. This winds up being a wonderful workflow, with a tool window showing the server output. Sometimes, though, you hit a … Continue reading

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Template Debugging

In April we had a webinar about Visual Debugging. I misfired at the end, when showing template debugging in web frameworks, and promised a do-over. Here’s the do-over…let’s talk about a wonderful and useful feature in PyCharm Professional: breakpoints in … Continue reading

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Webinar Recording: Visual Debugging

Our April 25th webinar on Visual Debugging went quite well: just over 1 hour, a lot of fun, and covered nearly all of the topics. The recording is now available on YouTube. Additionally, the code and slides used are available … Continue reading

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3 Quick Git “Show-Me” Videos From Our IDE Family

Git is a fantastic and wildly popular version control system. Once you get beyond the basics, though, it can be a bit cryptic for civilians. Fortunately, this is an area where JetBrains IDEs can help, by putting a visual face … Continue reading

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Let’s Write a Game: Hangout with PyLadies Pune

In early January I was invited by PyLadies Pune to do a hangout. We spent an hour writing a 2d game in Python, covering a number of Python development skills along the way. I’d love to repeat this, so if … Continue reading

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Next Batch of In-Depth Screencasts: VCS

In January we recorded a series of screencasts that introduced the major features of PyCharm — an overview, installation, editing, running, debugging, etc. In April we did our first “in-depth” screencast, focusing on testing. We’re happy to announce the next … Continue reading

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In-Depth Screencast on Testing

Earlier this year we rolled out a Getting Started Series of screencast videos on the basics of using PyCharm: setup, the UI, running Python code, debugging, etc. We knew at the time that some topics would need more treatment than … Continue reading

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