YouTrack Webinar: The way it’s meant to be

You know what makes YouTrack different from other Issue Management Systems? It’s focused around simplicity and productivity. And those aren’t just marketing hooks to get your interest spiked. YouTrack is genuinely about making it easier for you as a developer to manage issues, bugs, tasks and allow you to focus on what you enjoy, which is writing code. With its insane keyboard navigation, but more insanely productive command system, it lets you get the job done with minimum effort. Of course, it also offers a nice User Experience for the non-technical crowd too, so it fits everyone.

In this upcoming webinar we’re going to introduce you to YouTrack, but you’re going to see it in the context of how its meant to be used. We’ll cover project creation, working with issues, both individually as well as in bulks, customizing issues, powerful searches and more.

When: Thursday 19th of April 2012. 15:00 to 16:00 CET (Central European Time)

By: Your hosts


Valery Andrianova         Hadi Hariri

(Yes, I know, no comparison whatsoever)

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We hope you join us!

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