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YouTrackSharp 3.0 beta – A .NET Standard Client for YouTrack

Please welcome a brand new (preview) version of YouTrackSharp – a .NET library to work with the YouTrack REST API. It’s a complete rewrite from the previous version, since a lot of things in the .NET world have changed. First of all, … Continue reading

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Demo: Introducing Advanced Full-Text Search in YouTrack 3.3

Did you know that you can narrow your text search down to specific fields, such as summary, description, comments, attachments or even code-formatted text? Of course, you get intelligent completion and highlighting. Watch one minute demo to learn more about … Continue reading

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YouTrack 3.3: Advanced Full-Text Search

Please welcome YouTrack 3.3 — a fresh update for our innovative bug and issue tracker. This time we focused on intelligent full-text search capabilities, to help you filter issues even faster. What can you do in the new YouTrack 3.3? … Continue reading

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YouTrack Webinar: The way it’s meant to be

You know what makes YouTrack different from other Issue Management Systems? It’s focused around simplicity and productivity. And those aren’t just marketing hooks to get your interest spiked. YouTrack is genuinely about making it easier for you as a developer … Continue reading

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New EAP build, new search syntax

#query_div .query_link:link, .query_link:hover, .query_link:visited {text-decoration:none; color:black; border-bottom:0px;} We’ve published a new EAP build which introduces a couple of major syntactic changes in the way you search for issues. We’ve made the transition with two goals in mind: To streamline full-text … Continue reading

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Search and command suggests become more intelligent

Yesterday we’ve deployed new charisma build to http://jetbrains.net/tracker with different new features and bug fixes. One of the most valuable features is more intelligent suggests. Old build works as follows: if you have, for example, version with name “Next EAP … Continue reading

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