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YouTrack Roadmap 2022

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Here’s a roundup of our plans for YouTrack in 2022 and our long-term goals for the future. Our development roadmap is largely shaped by your feedback and feature requests, so please read, comment, share with your colleagues, and let us know what your team wants from YouTrack this year.

Our product commitment and aspirations

The YouTrack user base is growing rapidly, with a 34% increase in new adoption since December 2020. We attribute a large part of this growth to our ongoing investment in developing YouTrack to be more universal by making it easier for non-technical teams to use for project and task management.

Our long-term plan is to keep developing YouTrack to appeal to a broader range of industries and a wider audience of teams and users while maintaining and building on the core features and value that our existing customers rely upon.

We believe that you should be able to choose where your applications and data are hosted, and as such, we remain committed to our promise that YouTrack will continue to be available for standalone installation. We continue to develop YouTrack InCloud and Standalone in tandem and ensure that you are able to migrate freely between cloud and on-premises hosting.

What we’re working on in 2022

Interactive Gantt chart

We’re working on an interactive Gantt chart that will allow you to edit tasks, ordering, dependencies, and estimations directly on the timeline. The existing static Gantt chart report will remain.

Workflow Constructor

We’re adding state-machine rules to the Workflow Constructor. This will greatly increase the scope and capabilities of script-free automation, allowing you to define process flowcharts where you can place conditions and trigger actions on transitions between issue states.

Knowledge Base

Our plans for Knowledge Base this year include sorting options for the article tree, collaboration improvements, and enhanced media embedding. Notifications about Knowledge Base activity such as @mentions, comments, and replies will be delivered to the YouTrack Notification Center.

Agile boards

Our extensive plans for Agile boards include simpler configuration, improvements for working with backlogs, and card customization.

Timesheets for teams and groups

We’re adding time tracking for teams and ad-hoc groups of users in Timesheets.

YouTrack Mobile

We plan to localize the YouTrack Mobile app into all the languages available in the YouTrack interface. We also intend to add an offline mode and to-do lists, and make improvements to the notification center.


The YouTrack Mailbox integration is widely used to provide email-based customer support.
We’re now working on a full-fledged helpdesk solution that will include licensing schemes for agents and customers, an embeddable support form for customers, and tools to streamline typical requests.

YouTrack Lite and Classic

YouTrack Lite will display VCS changes in issues. We will continue to make improvements to the overall user experience in both Lite and Classic, with more shared features and more customization options.

Text recognition

Instantly grab text from attached images, such as screenshots of system information windows.

Inline image editing

Edit images inline in issues, articles, and comments.

Custom fields

We’ll be introducing dependencies between custom fields and simplifying custom field administration.

LaTeX notation

We’re going to add support for LaTeX mathematical notation to the rich text editor.

History Browser report

The History Browser report lets you see the volume of issues that matched a search query over time and lets you drill down to view search results and individual issues as they appeared on a specific day in the past.

Interface localizations

The next YouTrack localizations will be Italian and Ukrainian, adding to the 9 official localizations already available. There are also several unofficial localizations supported by community contributors and curated by JetBrains. Localization is an ongoing initiative and we will continue to add official support for more languages based on user demographics and demand.

Integration with JetBrains Space

We’re continuing to expand our integration with the JetBrains Space VCS. We’re adding options to migrate and continuously import Space projects, issues, and users to YouTrack. We’re also adding the option to deliver YouTrack notifications to Space.

Telegram integration

Receive notifications about YouTrack issues in Telegram.

Zapier integration

We’re working on a native Zapier interface that will open up vast opportunities to automate your business processes by integrating YouTrack with third-party products and services.

Broad goals for 2022 and beyond

Our long-term plan for YouTrack is to continue expanding its flexibility, power, and scalability while simplifying and streamlining the user experience for administrators and regular users.

Simpler administration

We will continue to streamline and simplify the administration of teams, users, and other aspects of YouTrack.

More pluggability

We want to make YouTrack even more flexible and customizable and encourage third-party developers to create and share plugins on the JetBrains Marketplace. We will achieve this by adding more extension points and improving the overall experience of creating and working with plugins.

Smoother onboarding

We will gradually introduce global UX/UI changes to streamline onboarding for the increasing numbers of first-time customers migrating to YouTrack from other project management tools.

More planning tools

In addition to the ongoing development of our Gantt chart functionality, we are beginning to research other planning approaches that could be used in YouTrack, such as dedicated planning boards and roadmapping tools.

YouTrack for large organizations

We continue to investigate ways for large organizations to separate a single YouTrack into discrete “sub-organizations”, such as departments or subsidiaries that should not see each other’s data but should be on the same YouTrack installation with central reporting and administration and covered by a single license.

Cross-team, cross-project enhancements

As more teams adopt YouTrack to manage and track cross-team initiatives and organization-wide project portfolios, we will continue to add and enhance features to improve performance and usability in these scenarios.

Multi-node installations

Multi-node architecture will provide enhanced performance and availability at scale.

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