ReSharper Ultimate 2017.3.2 bugfix is here

Our latest and greatest ReSharper Ultimate 2017.3 has just received the second bugfix update – download ReSharper Ultimate 2017.3.2!

ReSharper Ultimate 2017.3.2 bugfix update

We added more than 100 fixes in this build. Here are the notable changes:

  • Returned MSTest support for UWP and CodedUI tests.
  • Fixed “Inconclusive: Test not run” issue when running/debugging MSTest unit tests.
  • Improved support for Razor Pages.
  • Fixed bogus unresolved symbols in a React and Redux project.
  • Lots of improvements/fixes in the new code formatting engine.
  • Fixed a ReSharper integration issue for Visual Studio 2017 on Windows 10 machines.
  • Surround typing does not interfere with closing brace overtyping anymore.
  • The Sort by drop-down list and the Switch to Constraint View icon are back on the File Layout page.
  • Symbols from .NET Framework 4.7.1 projects are now properly resolved in .NET core projects.
  • Lots of improvements in the Generate engine.
  • A fix for “Configure settings to improve performance” message in the VS notifications panel.
  • A bunch of fixes in refactorings.
  • Several fixes/improvements in Navigation/Find Usages logic and presentation.
  • Debugger extensions support Visual Studio 2010.

Apart from all that, the ReSharper 2017.3.2 update has a heap of improvements for hiDPI support and performance/stability fixes in TypeScript and C#.

ReSharper C++ 2017.3.2 includes a significant number of performance and stability fixes, enhanced code analysis, and Generate action improvements. Please refer to this list to see all fixed issues.

You can either download the build from our site or use the ReSharper | Help | Check for update menu in Visual Studio.

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5 Responses to ReSharper Ultimate 2017.3.2 bugfix is here

  1. Joshua Morgan says:

    Noticed right away that my TypeScript in React stops warning me about invalid fields that were in fact valid. Good job! Sadly, the generic types are still confusing the system. For instance, the below will tell me that id and title are unknown properties.

    interface ITitleProps {
    id?: string;
    title: string;

    class BaseTitle extends React.Component {
    constructor(props: T) {

    render() {
    return (



  2. Dave Cousineau says:

    Since I updated, I’ve noticed that highlighting no longer works on Console.WriteLine, string.Format, etc. (the {0} {1} markers don’t turn green).

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