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.NET Annotated Monthly | November 2020

In 1995, Microsoft shipped Internet Explorer 2.0. Do you remember browsing the internet in 1995? According to Internet Live Stats, there were about 23,500 sites. That’s all there was, and Geocities was one of them. By today’s standards, most of those 23,500 sites were aesthetically awful. Later, in 2004, Firefox entered the scene to compete with IE. Web developers everywhere are familiar with its famous F12 dev tools.

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.NET news

There’s not a whole that happened in the past month, but the great news is that .NET 5 is almost ready.

.NET tutorials and tips

What is the difference between NET Core, NET 5 and NET Framework? – Thank you, Kathleen Dollard for answering this question! It’s been confusing developers for quite some time now. So folks, now you know.

Stop doing IsVisible=“true/false” to Show/Hide Views in RunTime in Xamarin Forms – I don’t know how many times I’ve seen this antipattern, and Charlin Agramonte shows us all how to avoid it in XAML UIs.

Test Series: Part 1 – Understanding Testing Strategies
Test Series: Part 2 – Unit Testing – Jason Farrell delivers a 2-part series in which he deep dives into everything you need to know about unit testing.

Mind Your Strings with .NET 5.0 – Things don’t always work when you upgrade. Jimmy Bogard fights with string things upon his upgrade to .NET 5, so you don’t have to.

Setting the command timeout with the latest .NET SqlClient – Erik Ejlskov Jensen lays out a short and sweet way to set that timeout.

Getting started with GraphQL and HotChocolate – Cecil Phillip hosts Michael Staib in this video about getting started with GraphQL and HotChocolate. Michael is the author of HotChocolate.

Generate QR Codes With C#
Use ASP.NET With Turbolinks 5 – Khalid Abuhakmeh teaches a few awesome tricks this month, including generating QR codes with C# and Turbolinks, so folks feel like they’re using a SPA app but without having to change the backend.

.NET Core with NGINX on Linux – I’ve been telling you .NET development on Linux is a thing! For real! Check out this awesome tutorial on how to run .NET Core with NGINX on Linux by Irina Scurtu.

A Highly Biased Review of C# Changes from Version 1.0 to 9.0 -I love highly biased blog posts! Because it’s the challenges that developers face that form those opinions and biases, and there’s always something to learn. So read this one on C# by Matthew MacDonald.

Why does it take so long to build software? – Justin Etheredge lays out the facts of what it is about software that takes so long to built it.

C# in Simple Terms – Inheritance and Polymorphism – Back to basics with Matthew Jones, discussing object-oriented techniques.

A tour of the .NET functions framework – Functions as a Service? Why not! Jon Skeet blogs about how to make that happen in Google cloud and .NET.

Improve your developer skills – Check out this collection of short videos by Claudio Bernasconi, helping you to sharpen your skills.

Should I learn a functional language (F#) – James Hickey and Derek Comartin discuss this ever interesting question that most .NET developers have asked themselves. Or at least I hope so. To be a better developer means that we should be looking to expand our programming skills, and languages from a different paradigm do just that.

Free eBook! Unit Testing in .NET: The Complete Guide – Who doesn’t just love free eBooks? Mihail Vladov has published this great book on unit testing for us.

Interesting and cool stuff

The Principles Of Visual Communication – UXs in apps don’t just display and retrieve information. They communicate. And your apps need to tell a story, or communicate key thoughts to the users in a clear and concise manner. Elizabeth Lin demonstrates the principles you need to make your UXs really work for the user.

How JavaScript became a serious programming language – JavaScript has taken over. There’s no denying it. But how, you may ask? Nimisha Mukherjee is here to tell us.

It’s past time to ditch VB6– I’ll just go ahead and stir the pot with this one. :D

And here I thought the 2 hard problems in computer science were cache invalidation, naming things, and off-by-one errors.

Can you imagine if developers named children like they do variables? How would grammar school teachers even deal with temp, temp2, temp3, and so on?

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